Sunday, January 9, 2011

thanksgiving 2010

thanksgiving highlights (sans photos):

the cat rescue

as we pulled up to grammy's in anticipation of our feast, the air was full of delectable smells... and...the howlings of a cat. we looked around and found a little kitty trapped high up in a pine tree across the street from grammy's house. the cat had been there for two days and couldn't get down and the neighbors were worried that it wouldn't survive another day. with cat lovers like mandy and cade in the crowd, it wasn't long before a plan was made and the rescue mission was on. korbin, the family parkour expert, was enlisted to climb the 40+ foot tree. it wasn't a requirement, but korbin decided to do the rescue in a short sleeved shirt. this proved to be a bad idea...after scratching and clawing his way to the top, the cat scratched and clawed korbin's arms, head and hands raw as it fearfully gripped the branches. it was not going down the tree without a fight. korbin climbed higher and higher as the cat tried to escape and soon he was up to the very tippy top of the pine tree- you know, the part where it gets really flimsy and floppy. korbin was desperate to get the cat down at this point, so he took to trying to talk him into the idea. he told the cat that he was just trying to save it. he was there to help. the cat needed to cooperate. finally, korbin was able to grab the protesting cat and slither down the tree, gathering a new set of scratches along the way. the owners of the cat had arrived by this point and were very happy to have their little kitty cat back in their arms. a success! a thanksgiving miracle!

big feast

grammy was sure to roll out the red carpet this year. we feasted on the most delicious eats... it. was. heaven. if i am ever in the situation to order a 'last meal,' i think grammy would have to be involved in preparing it.

violet's smorgasbord

vi was in heaven, she gobbled up rolls, mashed potatoes, yams and peas like the rest of us. she truly has a large appetite for such a petite, little girl. she is an EATER. and we like it that way.

plumbing problem

i am reluctant to document this but it was such a big part of the evening. let's just say that the feast was so good, the plumbing stopped working at grammy's. nuff said.

shopping extravaganza

it has always been a tradition for the women to go shopping for all the black friday sales. we have been going for years and years. we sit down after the meal, make lists and map out our shopping routes for the next day. unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like it like this), the sales have become more extreme which means that many stores now open as early as midnight. that's right MIDNIGHT. i heard of others opening earlier, but i refuse to even acknowledge them. anyway, the early opening times meant that we would have to start the shopping at an absurd hour. by the time we had finished our shopping plans, it was 10 pm... only 2 hours to show time. with not enough time for even a nap, the long night/morning had begun.

grammy, my mom, mandy and i set out to hit the following stores:

12:00 am- old navy
1:00 am- walmart
3:00 am- kohls
4:00 am- walmart again....
5:00 am- macy's
6:00 am- bed, bath and beyond

it was madness. at one point in the spree, my mom emerged from a crowd of shoppers with 2 big boxes in her arms. all smiles, she explains, "i don't even know what these are but everyone started swarming over them so i grabbed two!" i love my mom...

we got most of what we were after. we were a little late to one of the walmart sales and i missed out on some sheets i was drooling over. i didn't feel too bad when an employee told me they were gone withing seconds. figures. overall, another thanksgiving miracle!

sick recovery

i was sick going into thanksgiving and the all-night shopping only made it worse. along with shopping bags filled with goodies, i toted pockets stuffed full of kleenex and water bottles to soothe my throat. i was even on the verge of fainting a few times- but i pressed on...
when i finally got home around 7:30am, i collapsed into bed. cade realized how sick i was and took violet with him to play basketball so i could catch up on some sleep. i finally rolled out of bed at 3 pm and felt MUCH better. i love cade.

even if i didn't have my camera at all that day (oops) i hope this paints a picture descriptive enough of our fabulous thanksgiving.

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