Thursday, July 30, 2009

picture this...

this full time job thing is great- but i feel i have fallen behind on our updates. sure, i'll blame work. in the words of my dear friend laney, "the life of a professional is not an easy one." thanks, lane. in leiu of a post full of photos, here are some textual teasers that will hopefully hold you over until i get some proper documentation in...

i finally braved the cold water of the old provo river with cade and some friends. last time i floated that river, i got a leech between my toes- so i think i was pretty brave to take a second plunge. odd- i dont remember it being that cold before.

one fabulous trip to denver where i spent all my time loving little addy and owen while fearing a sooki attack. yes, i am afraid of kittens and i am really working on it. i love my sister. and popcorn.

cade's weekend-o-fun while i was away: golfing, lagoon, repairs, family and friends. he'd make a great bachelor if he wasn't so married.

cade and i both got new haircuts. impulsively, i just chopped all mine off and i am not looking back with remorse. it has been too long since my hair has had a good style to it. think about all that time i've wasted drying my long, stringy hair. i am getting it all back now, folks. one day at a time.

photos to come... and hopefully something that is actually a little more interesting than all the above.

the taylors love you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

music and donuts

there have been some fabulous concerts around lately and while i wish cade and i could attend all of them (sorry about tori, kate) we have been able to see some fantastic freebies.
if you live in the salt lake area and have not been to a twilight concert at the gallivan center- shame on you. now before any of you start thinking this has anything to do with vampires and edward- just know it is only named the twilight concert series because it happens at twilight. stephanie meyer probably stole her title from this event. it is a great free program put on by the salt lake city arts council and i am always so pleased with the performers. last thursday we were able to see jenny lewis and bon iver who were both brilliant. i knew more about jenny lewis going into the concert but left completely blown away by bon iver. what a great band. coming up, there are a bunch of favorites of mine performing: including iron and wine and okkervil river. if you are looking for a great, cheap date- look no more.

a few days later my boss at work gave me some free tickets to the utah symphony performance at thanksgiving point. the weather was perfect and we just laid on our little blankie soaking it all in. we are so cultured.
to further prove our cultured lifestyle, cade decided to enter a bike race here in utah county called the tour de donut. in this bike race, you ride 3 laps which are seven miles long. inbetwen each lap, you stop back at the starting line and eat as many donuts as you possibly can before riding on. for each donut you successfully eat, 3 minutes is taken off your final time. cade recruited a few friends...
they stretched out...
and entered the race.

cade was on his single speed- but he still made great time in his first lap. as he rolled in and grabbed his first donut, he knew he was in trouble. you see, cade isn't the best competitive eater. he once entered a scotsman dog eating contest at utah state and managed to eat only 2 dogs which he had carefully dressed in ketchup and mustard. to him, the contest was nothing more than free lunch. in the case of the race- the donuts were nothing more than a free snack.
miraculously, he pounded down three after his first lap which left him feeling like this:
nevertheless, he hopped back on his bike and made another loop. as he rolled into eat his second round, cade yelled over to me that he was thinking about not eating any more. i reminded him of the time difference and he reluctantly tried to eat another donut. every bite was followed by a tortured dry heave- but somehow another donut was in and cade was off for his final lap.

in the end, the winner ate 28 donuts and pulled in a negative time for the race. we are both proud of cade's 4 pwned donuts (is pwned still cool?...wait- was it ever cool?). he was sick- but pleased with his ability to compete with all the fancy road bikes while he was only rocking the single speed.

why didn't i participate, you ask? oh, just because i am still riding the bmx and there is no way i am riding 21 miles with a rocky gut on that thing. tempting though... maybe next year.

so there you have it: music and donuts....

oh, and harry potter!

Friday, July 10, 2009

happy fourth

i am late giving america a well-deserved shout out.

here's to playing at "the lake"
great music
delicious food
and fireworks with family.

happy fourth.