Sunday, January 30, 2011

b and stemmy's wedding

bryson and stephanie had a beautiful wedding at la caille on january 6th.

we got all gussied up for the event..

we snooped around.

cade played the guitar as the guests found their seats...

as my aunts walked in and saw cade playing the prelude, they pulled me aside and commented on how cade is a jack-of-all-trades. they laughed that whenever something in the family needs to be done, cade can do it. i like hearing that because i like cade.

liz and nic sang the couple down the aisle.

and they were married
(insert picture of the beautiful couple here. i didn't get one that does justice to how gorgeous stephanie looked)

vi got tired and cranky.

this garson polished our glasses.

we ate the most delicious food in the whole world.... so delicious, in fact, that jeff's plates look near empty!

we ate cake.

vi got more and more sleepy.

we chatted and celebrated.

and then the couple left.

great wedding, beautiful bride and fabulous company. congrats, b and stemmy!

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Jessica Madsen said...

You looked really pretty. Just and i once attended a pretty darn awesome wedding at the la callie. Pretty fun stuff. Also, all you pics from DC were amazing. The trip just looked incredible. I completely understnad how you felt before flying with your child. It's sort of terrifying. I have to admit, I didn't read the whole thing. Your trip LOOKED amazing, and I hope I can find I minute to come back and read about it. Sure looks like a great time though, and that little violet's face is too much!! So is sooo precious!