Sunday, January 30, 2011

a cousin christmas

christmas may have been over, but we still had one more celebration. the day after chrsitmas, we headed over to granny's house for our annual cousin party. this party is always a great time- and this year, it was even better because our numbers grew! ane was in town with her fiance che and joanna and trina were able to join the fun as well!

again, i will highlight the highlights...

first we ate... yummy soups and salads. this is a great group to cook for because the meal is gluten free and vegetarian. the last time we got together, i had the milk allergy so it was dairy, meat and gluten free... this time it was much easier to prepare.

next was the white elephant exchange. great gifts- including a baby einstein (not the dvds for infants.. but an actual baby einstein doll), all the gingerbread houses cade made this season, custom place mats, a singing neck tie and false teeth... to name a few.

after the exchange, we all played kazoo carols for a while...

and then played with these toy gems for a bit as well...

cade, dylan and rudi then played some tunes for us. they are always great.

the night wasn't finished yet. after the music, granny asked if we could all dance for a while. the great thing about granny is we listen to every word she says- so if she says dance, we all get up and cut a rug. cade managed to find a hip hop station on the radio which wasn't suiting granny's dance craving so sariah grabbed an abba cd and saved the day. we all had such a great time that in the end we were glad that granny had put in the request.

finally, we took a group shot and called it a night.

this group knows how to party.

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