Saturday, April 26, 2008

cade vs. ira glass....

i am still laughing at my friend tom... if you know who ira glass is, you'll want to check out tom's blog about cade. and for the record...i lucked out in the pairing. i mean, look at those teeth!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a slingless wedding: a better wedding

not many of you probably know this, but earlier this month i re-injured my shoulder... now when i say re-injured, i actually mean that in march of 2007 i hurt myself playing volleyball and never saw a doctor. the problem has been there ever since, but last week after another volleyball encounter, i couldn't even brush my hair. when i realized that i only had 3 more weeks on my parents wonderful insurance, my mom told me i needed to see someone about the problem. when i went in, i saw two doctors which meant two different opinions. one took one look at the shoulder and said that perhaps with some therapy, we could find a non-surgical route to recovery. the second doctor was more aggressive, believing that he was 90% sure i would need some sort of surgery. this news...was....crappy. i thought i was going to be in a sling for the wedding and we were already looking into a silk taffeta sling with small pearl accents. however....after some therapy and an m.r.i., the results are in: surgery is not necessary...just optional. needless to say, i am opting out.
the problem turned out to be tendinosis (not -itis). The suffix "osis" implies a "pathology of chronic degeneration without inflammation" -basically meaning it is here to stay. after all my injury-less years of volleyball and softball, i am still pretty surprised to see what the overhand motion has done to my shoulder. but i actually prefer this injury to a torn rotator cuff.
seriously though... i am relieved to not have the surgery right before the wedding and by continuing my therapy, i expect to be back on the court in no time.

i include this picture only because when i searched google images for shoulder injuries, this woman appeared on the screen and it made me laugh for quite some time. i love google.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bikes and bouquets

first of all, on behalf of cade and i, i would just like to thank you all for the wedding advice. much appreciated. things are moving right along and we are trying to keep up with everything going on, but we are so close! yay! to celebrate, cade and i have a few additions to our lives. no-not children or puppies or even a tomogachi. cade has been eyeing a fixed gear bike for months now, and at the last usu bike swap, he found his second true love in life. serious. it is a fixed gear with a dual hub...niner? (this means i don't know all the cool technical terms, but i wish to express how cool this bike really is). cade loves it oh-so-much and has not even touched his car since its purchase. so yes, for those of you who were wondering, i now ride cade's little bmx bike all over. i am pretty much the coolest girl on campus. needless to say, we are a pretty eco-friendly couple.

my addition is a new job. i know what you are thinking- not as cool as a fixed gear bike, but actually it is a job i have really wanted for a while. i am now working at blush, a little floral company here in logan. i warned them that they were hiring an inexperienced librarian, but they still let me work there. things are going well and i love learning about the flowers, making arrangements and seeing the surprise when we deliver them to people. although it is my third job right now, i will work at blush until we move to belgium. once summer hits i will only have 2 jobs. wahoo!! to tickle your taste buds, i have included a picture i took of a practice piece. nothing special, but i am loving this job so far.

so basically life is insane for cade and i. we are buzzing right along in school with only 2 weeks left. we are sending invitations out this week, so if you don't think that we have your are probably right. we are trying to round them all up, but be sure to email us if you get a chance. remember how much cade and ashley love you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun

Well, the countdown has actually been going on since May 5th of last year (the day we first met), but as of today we are exactly one month away from our wedding date. Schwiiiing! Bangorang! Kahoooga! Unfortunately these explicatives only describe a portion of the emotions (and hormones) that are running through our bodies - well mine anyway. This is Cade writing this, my second post.
So, with one month till the big day, what kind of advice can you give? Yes you, the married or unmarried who may have happened upon this site. This can be advice on how to get through these next 30 days, what not to forget, and yes, even the honeymoon. Just remember that my parents sometimes read this.

Friday, April 4, 2008

"we're the happiest couple ever...weeee!"

this last week, facing cold, harsh conditions, cade and i set out to get our engagements taken. i think it is fairly well known that cade and i are pretty good at this, but i thought i would still post some pictures on here for those of you who haven't figured that out yet. we took the pictures at the salt lake city library and some on the grounds of the city and county building. it was an adventure in-and-of-itself to try and get a picture without a bum/laden shopping cart in the background, but our biggest foe turned out to be the frigid wind. our photographer, brittany, (who is great by the way) would set us up in a position, ready to go, and then- whoosh...i suddenly have horn bangs. luckily brittany packs an extra can of aqua net, so we were able to make some progress. overall, i am happy about the pictures. i was seriously worried that my visible goosebumps would be an issue....i lucked out.

i am not sure about which one we'll use yet (all we have seen is an online preview) but there are a couple that i love. some of you may think it is bad luck to see the couple before the invitation is sent out. false. that only pertains to the wedding dress and groom thingy. so, i don't know what i'm doing with the invitations yet, but just don't get peeved if you happen to get an invitation with a picture you've already seen. that is your fault for blogging.
the picture below was taken in a refugee area. i think it is the only spot we found where the wind couldn't eat us alive. i really like this one though...a lot.

perhaps the most humbling part of this experience resulted from the realization that cade and i struggle in the "cute" department. every once in a while, our photographer would tell cade and i to be "cute." at first, cade just smiled bigger and i just stood there- awkward as ever. then she explained that "cute" means to flirt with one another, giggle, whisper in ears, go nose to nose and gaze, give little kisses, etc, etc. we tried to do little cutesy things, and then she told us she had too many shots of cade kissing we needed to up our game. when it all came down to it, we just laughed the whole time. for fear of judgment, i only included this "cute" shot in the refugee camp. some of the others are pretty dang funny though.

some other things we didn't plan for: a patriotic wedding. how did this happen? amer-i-can...'d be REALLY surprised to find this one tucked away in an envelope a couple weeks from now.

finally, i had a bunch of requests to see my ring. so although i have slightly mannish hands, i include this shot to satisfy the masses....all 6 people who read this blog. cade knew the style i was interested in and he picked it out. i love it though.
so there you have it: a complete summary of the photo shoot that changed our life. i would also like to point out that this all happened in between two wedding showers which were so fun. it was a busy day, but so great to spend time with both sides of our families.