Saturday, January 16, 2010

december recap: the parties- oh, the parties.

so... being with child is quite the event by itself. add the holidays and you can only imagine how crazy things got for the taylor home. i have made a small recap of the month's parties for cade and i to look back on and remember this whirlwind of a december. some have pictures, some don't- but they all have great memories.

in no particular order, the holiday season was celebrated the following ways...

the woolf family party: held at granny's church. festivities included a great meal, fun games and a few rounds of warball to close the evening out.
the taylor family party: held at ray and leslie's church. festivities included pizza, gift exchange and chasing kiddos.

the bullough family party: held at some elementary school. festivities included a nativity reenactment, white elephants and feats of strength.

my first baby shower: held at cha's house. festivities included catching up with old friends, examining a pregnant belly, and recalling how great we all were in high school.

the cousins party: held at sariah and mark's new house. festivities included singing carols, a fabulous vegetarian-gluten free meal and gifts.

the cougar crazy party: held at dan's house. festivities included a short dance party, competitive splash and carols, of course.

the lamont baking party: held at lynette's house. festivities included sugar cookies, divinity and toffee.

dave and emily's party: held at hire's. festivities included seeing the lights downtown, taking sentimental pictures and eating a few burgers.

the bullough family christmas eve: held at randy and leslea's house. festivities included enough prime rib to choke a camel, headlamp show and games.

christmas morning: held at mom and dad's. festivities included great gifts, fabulous surprises and happy kids.

the lamont family chirstmas breakfast: held at grammy's. festivities included the finest spread of breakfast eats this side of the mississippi, gifts and naps. (i am not happy with the face i am making in this shot, but you get the idea... )

luke and sammy's party: held at blake and danielle's. festivities included the annual slide show, cade and sam improv, and recalling the t-wolf days.

xactware christmas party: held at thanksgiving point. festivities included setting up, winning a kindle, and enjoying the end of christmas party planning for work.

bullough male bonding party: held in an ice hut. festivities included fishing, drilling holes and searching for hoagies.

annual ikea party for mandy: held at ikea. festivities included shopping at ikea for 6 hours, eating a feast of meatballs and loving some good quality girl time.

new years eve party: held at randy and leslea's house. festivities included quizzo, food of all sorts and games galore.

now you can see why i neglected my blog for so long. no worries, i am back with more info than ever. stay tuned...