Sunday, November 29, 2009


fall brings about the best in flag football. cade and some friends somehow managed to join byu's intramural flag football league this year (thanks, russ!). sure, most of the opposing teams were comprised of byu freshman ninnies, but blackopintobeans sure put up a fight. by the end of the season they were undefeated and looking stylish. highlight reel? sure!

the first highlight was cutting, shaving and scraping by to follow byu's honor code, which reads...

A clean and well-cared-for appearance should be maintained. Clothing is inappropriate when it is sleeveless, revealing, or form fitting. Shorts must be knee-length or longer. Hairstyles should be clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles or colors, and trimmed above the collar, leaving the ear uncovered. Sideburns should not extend below the earlobe or onto the cheek. If worn, moustaches should be neatly trimmed and may not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth. Men are expected to be clean-shaven; beards are not acceptable. Earrings and other body piercing are not acceptable. Shoes should be worn in all public campus areas.

the boys were sure to bring a set of clippers to every game to shave off whatever the refs asked- and ask they did. this left adam looking like this...
and cade and trevor looking like this...

after the first game, the boys decided they needed more professional uniforms. they lucked out in finding a website foolish enough to liquidate these xxxl shirts for only 3 dollars:
and also managed to round up enough bandannas to share around.

the highlights on the field were not in short supply. double pass plays... which sometimes turned into triple or quadruple pass plays. whenever there was pressure- a pass was ALWAYS an option. the defense never saw it coming.
trick plays galore. you could always tell something good was going to happen when the boys all lined up giggling before the play started.

after a particularly good play like this:
the opposing player yelled in frustration at the celebrating blackopintobeans, "what are, 30?" not yet! blackopintobeans players range from 25 to 28 and were still able to outrun (or grab on to the shorts of) all those 18 year old bucks.

the wives sure had a great time gabbing away on the sidelines.
every once in a while one husband would yell from the field, "did you see that sweetie!!?"
sometimes we did... but don't count on it.

all in all- great season. too bad we played some pretty tough competition in the first round of the tournament. they wanted nothing to do with our double and triple passes and we wanted nothing to do with their speed. it was a tough first round loss.

tournament aside, nothing gets these guys down. cade is as ready as ever for next season.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

permanent pumpkins

halloween marked the 6th day of quarantine for this little piggy and i was getting stir crazy to say the least. it has been such a bummer to miss out on all our family and friend halloween parties but despite our lonely situation, cade and i decided to make the best of it...

you may recall our situation a year ago: we were living in brussels where halloween isn't celebrated much. to kick up the festivities, cade and i made a little movie called freaky frites. well this year, we were alone again and the tradition continues.... so enjoy!