Sunday, November 21, 2010

you only have your first halloween once.

violet's first halloween meant trying to pack in all the celebrations we possibly could. that way she would know everything there was to know about the holiday.

so for starters, we had the geertsen halloween party. for a visual recap on that, you'd have to watch the video from a few posts ago. for a written recap, wait no more. the party was great. lindsey and jon had fabulous food and the decor made the party all the more spooky. with 26 grandkids, you would think it would be hard to keep them all entertained and happy but l&j had it all figured out and the kids were happy clams. even violet loved crawling around and watching them all play.

next up, we enjoyed a pumpkin carving party with the ross fam and some friends. jen had a yummy chili that we quickly devoured before we got right into carving. we learned that this crowd is pretty skilled when it comes to carving... they make their own templates and the projects usually take a few days. we kept ours pretty simple:

we have the jack skelington pumpkin in the middle and the swirly curly pumpkin on the far right.
and for a group picture...

next up was more carving at grammy's house. all the cousins dug right in and the results were great!

the best shot we could manage of all four grandbabies in costume...

violet enjoying her new legs... she loves to stand.

and finally, when the big day came we all gathered at our house for some good eats, great chatter and some trick or treating.

if you haven't figured out cade's costume, he is brian wilson from the giants. he had to find some way to work in that beautiful beard to a costume.

happy halloween!!

bob ross in the house.

cade is a fabulous artist. truly. he has such an eye for how something should look and is very artistic in everything he does.

i am not an artist... but i honestly wish i were. so, i live through cade. i think up big projects, buy all the materials and then set it all in front of cade. he is a good sport to indulge me and he always does such a great job. a few months ago, i asked for some tree art for our bedroom and this is what he made...

he just sat down and painted. no plans. no sketching. no outlines. he just did it. i wish the pictures could show all the texture on them. the trees are all globby and gnarly. i love them.

now he is working on a few christmas project that are FABULOUS. since we want those to be more of a surprise for the recipients, you will have to wait to see those.

i sew wish i could sew....

i have always wanted to sew. i have clothes i want to alter, baby clothes i want to make and i am always thinking of projects that i could do- if only i knew how to sew. cade gave me a sewing machine last christmas to encourage my creative juices... but i shyed away after i sat down to make my first project and failed. so a few months ago, a pamphlet came in the mail advertising classes offered through UVU extensions. when i saw that there was a sewing class offered in lehi, i was ready to try again. so, i called my sister and we decided that we would take the course. a few days later my mom found out we were going to pay for a sewing class- and she wouldn't let us do that. she made a great argument: why pay someone to teach you how to sew something you don't even want to make- like pajama pants or a pot holder? why couldn't she teach us instead?

free sewing class with a fabulous teacher? she sold us. we started meeting once a week to have sewing class with miss leslea where we could work on projects WE wanted to make.

first projects:


these were easy enough....we passed lesson one with a b average (just don't look too closely at my crooked seams.

with such great success behind us, we decided to take on a harder task... a much harder task.
halloween costumes.
i had no idea how much work goes into making a simple costume, but i quickly learned that i had jumped into a project waaaaaay over my head. i am pretty sure i quit at least once per lesson.

but we stuck with it...

truly, i couldn't have asked for a better sewing class. there was plenty of time to chat, giggle and eat yummy food. i loved spending all that time with my mom and sister. violet loved all the time she got to spend with gramps. she was spoiled rotten.

in the end, violet's elephant costume turned out to be a success and owen's dinosaur/dragon (he kept changing his mind on what he wanted...) was awesome. picking such a difficult project right off the bat taught me a whole bunch. i feel much more confident behind the needle now. my mom and aunt lynette sure helped me to get it done in time- and i thank you both for it! violet loved wearing it- and she looks so cute in it!

my next sewing projects all involve, i am sure, will follow. i am just a regular martha stewart.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

geertsen halloween party

we had such a fun time at the geertsen halloween party with cade's family that we decided to make a movie of it... this was our first halloween party of the year and it was a blast.

homecoming in logan

we have a yearly tradition (i can say that it is yearly because this year is officially "year 2") to go to utah state for the homecoming festivities. we have made a pact with eddie, kylee, sam and allie to try and do this every year until we are finally the oldest folks in the stands...and also the oldest folks to climb the steps to be true aggies.

this was violet's first trip to a usu football game outside of the womb and she liked it MUCH more than she did the byu game. probably because the stands weren't as full with screaming fans as the byu game... anyway, i made violet her elephant costume for halloween this year and cade wanted her to wear it as much as possible. thus, she wore it to the game.

notice how we are all smiles in the photo below.

this was about 20 minutes before the torrential rain came down in sheets and completely drenched the stadium. we brought enough umbrellas for everyone but that didn't stop the rain from flowing down the steps and puddling around us. plus, our umbrella fortress was no match for the wind and the drippage that seemed to sneak off the umbrellas and onto our clothes.

needless to say, sometime during the second quarter kylee, allie, violet and i all left for drier ground. the boys, of course, went and snagged better seats where they could heckle the opposing team best. the girls ended up at allie's house where she was kind enough to let me borrow some clothes while we put mine in the dryer.

as you can tell, i am an amazon compared to allie. you can also tell that i didn't plan on anyone seeing my socks this day.

the game aside, the rest of our logan trip was great. we were able to eat at our favorite thai restaurant, see some good friends and enjoy another slumber party.

cade even ran into his old friend geoffrey. you better believe we pulled the car over to flag him down and take this picture. he wasn't as excited as cade about the reunion...mostly because we didn't give him a ride to the library.

i love logan. i truly do miss it. as we were driving into town, i got all teary eyed when i saw all the main street windows painted and all the college kids walking around. it was a fun place for cade and i to meet and make so many memories. even though the aggies were slaughtered by hawaii in the homecoming game, it was a great time for us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

indian summer

an indian summer is like the best belly tickle ever. you love every second of it and you never want it to end.

8 months old!

cougar games

we bought season tickets for byu football this year. we love sporting events and cade was raised a cougar so it made sense that we would buy some tickets for a little fun this fall. it wasn't the best investment, to be honest. afterall, we are aggie fans first, the cougs are having a tough season and we have been BUSY, BUSY this fall. we are nearing the end of the season and violet and i have only been to a game once, while cade has been to all but one.

violet wasn't really feeling all the cheering and hollering going on. it all kinda scared her so we spent some time cuddling and comforting. by the end, she was a little better but i think she was just happy to get out of there.

the games really are fun to go to and there are still a few left to enjoy... so go byu!

hee haw farms

this fall, violet and i ventured over to hee haw farms a few times to get a good look at all the animals and to pick a few pumpkins. vi is in her element when she is outside and hee haw farms has some of her VERY favorite things to offer...

watching kids play

violet really is a social baby. she loves to watch the kids and squeals right along with them. you can tell she wants to get out there and play with them.

she even loved watching her uncle brad play on the display tractor...


violet loves all animals... and coincidentally, all animals love violet. seriously. she has so many dogs and cats who love her to pieces. my dogs at my parents' house are committed to protecting her and gertrude can't help but give her kiss after kiss after kiss. violet loves it.

hee haw farms has animals-a-plenty for all your mauling pleasure. along with her cousins, vi loved petting and playing with the animals.

once owen realized this goat was taking a time out, he too sat down and chatted with him a while.


another violet favorite at hee haw farms is all the hay... all the hay you can eat. if those pincher fingers got anywhere near hay, they would clamp down and shove the goods into her mouth as fast as possible.

plus, hay means hay rides...

we loved the warm fall weather and hee haw farm. we look forward to going back to the farm this spring to see all the baby animals!