Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Some of you may have heard of the LOTOJA, where bikers take on the trek from Logan to Jackson, WY - well, I took on my own little version of the LOTOJA, shortening it about 80 miles and changing the last two letters from "JA" to "LI" to represent "Lindon" (the ending destination). This is a goal I've had for some time, especially on my new single-speed bike, and nothing would stop me - not even three flat tires. So I did it. I left bright and early at 7:30 a.m. and unfortunately did indeed have three flat tires, which take some time to repair, but I didn't let them stop me. 14 1/2 hours, and 120 miles later I pulled up to my parents home in the cozy town of Lindon.
Though my body was beat and worn, my spirits were high, and I felt in that moment as though I was somehow distantly related to Lance Armstrong himself.

Friday, May 23, 2008

mason, brett and missy

married life just keeps getting better for cade and i. we are both back into the swing of work schedules and now we are fully wrapped up in our new 'lost' schedule. yes...cade has me hooked and i am half embarrassed and half proud to say that we pretty much watch a season a week. we are that nerdy. we are already looking up 'world of warcraft' subscription prices and cade suggested we 'tin foil' our windows so we actually never see the light of day. this must be one of those newlywed phases, right?
anywho... one of our recent outings led us to salt lake to see a great concert. we met cade's friends sam and brett down in slc's paladuim, a quaint little club just off 600 north. we initially went just thinking that mason jennings was playing, but we were pleasantly surprised to see such a great line up. for those of you who are perhaps unfamiliar with any of these geniuses, may i encourage you to educate yourself. your quality of life will soon improve.
the concert was very intimate and the only thing not to like was the man in front of me who insisted on tapping his feet to the beat of every song in a very obnoxious manner. plus he was wearing a jean hat and a jean jacket- how cute...
all three artists did a great job. we had never seen brett dennen and were surprised to see that he kinda resembles a pubescent fourteen year old girl- very interesting...but i love love love his music. mason's new cd is great and he played a handful of songs from it. we loved every minute of it. and i end my review.

so life is great. we love logan summers. in other quick news, we bought our tickets for belgium yesterday and we are really wanting to get some planning done. if anyone has been to europe and has any suggestions about where to go and what to do...educate me. we want to know!
you are all great.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

it really happened

yes, it's true. cade and i are officially married. the wedding was so great and i really appreciate all the love and support from everyone. we had no problems and seriously, everything was so perfect. we had a short honeymoon in park city (we are really saving up for our second honeymoon this fall in belgium) and we are now back at work for the man up in logan. it has been fun living together although i have recently discovered that cade has a sleep-talking issue. the other night he woke up in a panic asking me where his mom is... we are working through this together. pray for cade. also, pray that i may be able to stop eating the left over wedding cake that fills a huge tupperware tub in our kitchen. yikes.
life is sooo great. i promise i will post more pictures as we get them, but if your tastebuds are tingling more than you can handle, our photographer put some shots on her website you can look at. knock yourself out. she said there are more to come...yee haw.
married life is fabulous. when i have a smidgen of time, i will write more but just know we are happy and, as always, striving to be politically correct.