Sunday, January 9, 2011

let the holiday parties begin!

the day after thanksgiving, granny woolf hosts a celebration to kick of the christmas season. it is so fun to start out the celebrations like this... and this year was even MORE fun because the party had a surprise twist.

we ate a great meal while we played some games abby had prepared for all of us. after the meal, we all gathered for the white elephant gift exchange. the first gift was opened... a money tree- with REAL MONEY! the second gift was opened- a crock pot! the third gift was a giant cockroach, so that didn't really follow the theme but when the fourth gift turned out to be a nice set of mixing bowls, the theme was back on track. instead of the traditional white elephant gifts we usually bring, we decided to throw dylan and mal a SURPRISE WEDDING PARTY!

a few months back, the lovely couple was married without much notice for a shower or celebration. they didn't have a formal reception or party so we decided to surprise them with gifts at the christmas party. the whole group was in on the fun except for the newlyweds and it was fun to watch them try and figure out what was going on. gift after gift was opened and they were all far from white elephants... except the cockroach, of course. finally, cade was chosen to open the last gift and inside was a paper that read:

'happy wedding to you! happy wedding to you!
dylan and mallory get married
and these gifts are for yooooooou!'

we all joined in signing the song while the nieces showered the couple with silly string. it was a fabulous surprise. after the gifts, we ate scrumptious wedding cake that cade's aunt had prepared. the nieces even decorated their car! it was a fun celebration to honor such a great couple. this is the best picture we got of them...

after the wedding fun, it was time to get busy playing warball. this is long standing tradition at the woolf party and it is always a great time. both cade and i were too busy playing to get many pictures but we did get a few...

i truly love and admire granny woolf. she recently made a book of all her writings that she kept over the years for all of the children and grandchildren. i sat down to glance over the book one day and an hour later i was still sitting with the book in my hands and tears rolling down my face. it is a beautiful book where she describes the moments of her life in poems and prose. i never met grandpa woolf, so this book offers a glimpse at what a great man he was. granny was so cute as she described their love as "yummy" and how they couldn't wait to see one another. i could picture them so in love as i read her poems. i also loved reading about her struggles to raise two handicapped children who have now passed. she is such a strong mother and so full of faith in Christ. i love having this peek into her past through this book. here is granny with her children:

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