Saturday, January 29, 2011

christmas eve with the taylors..and the taylors... and the taylors.

christmas eve was simply wonderful. we (the taylors) joined cade's parents (the taylors) and cade's brother's family (the taylors) for a great celebration.

highlight #1: it started with a yummy meal. that is key to a great party and the taylors didn't disappoint.

i love this picture because you can see the grape suspended in mid-air as it was ejected from cheeks' mouth.

highlight #2: the taylor boys. these three kiddos are great and were nice to let us join their party. they are so funny and animated- AND they are great to little vi. she just toddles around trying to be exactly like them and they aren't haters!

highlight #3: it's a wonderful life. i have never seen this christmas classic. most people drop their jaw when they hear that, but in the bullough home, we grew up on rudolph, mickey's christmas and santa claus is coming to town. basically if it was in black and white we all yawned at the idea. well, although we weren't able to watch the whole thing- i loved what i was able to see! it actually made me want to go rent it right then and finish watching it! in the end, however, i decided that if i waited to watch the end for christmas 2011, it will be suspenseful and exciting. so, 11 more months to go! don't give it all away..

highlight #4: luke 2. the taylor boys loved violet even when she was ruining the manger reenactment. she couldn't help but grab at mary, joseph and a few spare sheep as we read the christmas story together.

highlight #5: singing time. after the story, we sang some christmas songs while lindsey played the piano. it really got me into the spirit of things! vi loved to dance along with a wiseman clutched in one fist and a shepherd in the other. she was right there with us!

highlight #6: christmas eve at home. after the fun, we said goodbye to the taylors and the taylors and headed for home for our first christmas in our new house. there is something special about that and it made me so excited for the morning when we got to give one another our gifts. i literally couldn't wait- i asked cade more than once if we should just open our gifts at midnight. he insisted we wait, so we all anxiously slept....

to be continued!

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