Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas train

cade's dad sure knows a lot of people, and all that networking comes with some perks. this christmas, these perks came in the form of a train ride. One of ray's friends has a train that runs through his property. for various holidays, he dresses up his yard and runs the train through it for the kids to come and see. it is fabulous. all of cade's siblings and their kids gathered to ride the train this year to the north pole. upon arriving at the north pole, santa spoke with the children, let them sit on his lap and then explained the tru meaning of christmas. it was fun to see all the kids hanging on every word santa said.

even vi got to sit on his lap! she was very calm about the experience- she loves santa already.

after the north pole, we boarded the train again and winded through a series of paintings depicting Christ's life from birth to death. it was very moving to see so many moments of His life in sequence. truly a great experience for christmas.

thanks for the train ride, grandpa!

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