Sunday, January 9, 2011


a while back cade was helping a family clean out their home as part of a united way project with work. as they were tossing mass amounts of old treasures/junk into dumpster bins, cade spotted an old, yellow bike. if you know cade, you know that there are a few things he can't stand to see hurt: cats, violet and old bicycles. without a second thought, cade saved that bike from the demise of the dumpster and brought it home where it could be safe.

it wasn't much to look at, but cade knew that rusty bike had an inner beauty just waiting to show itself. plus, we have been looking for a "big girl" bike for me to ride since i have been on the bmx for so long. determined to help this lost soul- and delight mine, cade went to work...

he sanded, cleaned, tightened and painted until this little ugly duckling was at her prime. i got to choose the name, so i tried to think of a name that i LOVE but couldn't name any future children. so i picked:

it was the name of my childhood dog. i will always think that is the cutest name for a girl- but i just can't name a little girl after my family's dog.

anyway, here she is:

doesn't she look great?

lucky for cade, he had some help as he worked on her. vi was right there by his side. (you can tell how far behind i am in my blogging by looking at vi's clothes. short sleeves seem like dream in this frigid world!)

we took her on an inaugural ride. a little heavy, i won't lie, but cute nonetheless. welcome to the fam, penny!

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