Friday, May 29, 2009

if last week were a sitcom...

episode one: light's out!

all the bulbs in the taylor's kitchen are burned out and they don't want to go to the store! ashley reaches for her new headlamp and saves dinner!

episode two: wendover... again!?

when birthdays roll around, the taylor's love to take the wendover fun bus. this time, their friend dorothea shows up with a new look and freaks everybody out. cade wins a benjamin in a drawing, ashley wins at bingo and hilarity ensues.

episode three: c&a salon opens for business

when ashley's mom wants her hair done, she let's ashley and cade take over the salon! the couple weaves in good times and color. later, she even let them give her a cut! this episode is all about trusting your family.

episode four: the birthday of all birthdays!

ashley's mom turns 50! the fun continues with celebrations galore! in this touching episode, everyone tells leslea how much they love her. cade's dad also shares this birthday!

episode five: macey's

this episode isn't the most entertaining. everyone goes grocery shopping.

episode six: the rehearsal bbq

may is a time for weddings! jackie is getting married! at the bbq dinner, cade eats way too many steaks and makes himself sick. this episode is about friends and warm fuzzies.

episode seven: the wedding

grab your tissues! the wedding is a hit and the happy couple have no complaints. the rest of the cast has fun in the beautiful weather! weeee!

episode eight: cade loves cats

ashley wants to die as cade's cat obsession continues to grow. will the couple find a solution?

tune in next week!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

logan + summer = fantastic

i love logan in the summer. sure, summer just started- but the love is pouring out thick up north and here is why...

cade and i went off to play tennis this week under the lights one night. the weather was perfect and the game was fun. we finished around 10 pm but we couldn't just let the night end so cade thought we should go camping.

that's right, we finally used the aztec for all it is worth. we rode up the canyon, found a spot and set up camp. everything worked great except the air mattress... we had to use a hand pump to fill it but by the time we laid down, the air had somehow sniggled out. nonetheless... logan + sporatic camping = fantastic

the next day was the weekly farmer's market at merlin olsen park. i love the market. we picked up a few tasty bread dips, some delicious feta cheese and a pair of earrings my friend audrey made. this week at the market, they also had the bike festival so we rode around on some sweet tandems and chatted with good friends while we enjoyed the weather. logan + lazy saturdays = fantastic.

later on, we went to a local restaurant in nearby paradise, utah called the cracker barrel (no, not the famous, national chain). here, cade odered what he calls the 'triple threat' meal for dinner. if you are wondering why you've never seen it on a menu before, let me explain. the 'triple threat' includes nothing but potato products: fries, spud knockers, and mashed potatoes. starch + local eateries + logan = fantastic.

sunday was spent sleeping in, church and then a great meal with friends. it was a fabulous sunday.

finally, cade and the boys found a new love this week: bike polo. they bought some ski poles from d.i. and got cracking making some mallets so they could play on their own. they got them done just in time for an evening game time and we had a blast.

the bmx is an excellent polo bike and cade is loving the game atop his fixed gear.

logan + bike polo = fantastic

we really do love it up here; however, as we are just beginning the job search, we realize that we will probably be leaving soon. for now, we are just loving the logan life and reveling in the fantastic.

Monday, May 11, 2009

what a week, what a year

may 9th, one year ago...

to celebrate this year, we headed to ...

originally, we had planned to take a trip to havasupai with some friends. unfortunately, the little indian tribe down there is scared to death of the swine flu. they closed the hike off and we weren't able to go. lucky for us, we had some great reservations at...

the stratosphere.

the one thing i was looking forward to most was great weather- and i was not disappointed. high 90s and not a cloud in the sky. i think i have been cold since september and my skin had pretty much turned transparent. viva las vegas...

our first night, we headed out on foot to see the sights of the strip. staying at the stratosphere means huffing it a few miles down the road to see things like:

the treasure island show. i had never seen the free street show before, but cade told me that he used to go here with his parents whenever they visited vegas. well- this show seems to have lost a little of its family-friendly flavor. the scantily clad sirens shook their booties as mothers everywhere scambled to cover their kids eyes. there was one seven year old girl who knew all the songs, dances and even the lines of the sirens as they persuaded the hunky pirates to come on board their boat. she's got a future in show biz.

next up was dinner at cheesecake factory. we love the vegas cheesecake factory and it was a great meal. cade got a burger that was at least 8 inches tall...

we continued our walk along the strip by heading to the bellagio to see all the tulips, fountains and butterflies. i love the bellagio because it has such pretty attractions that are classy and fun. too bad rooms there are one zillion dollars.

after all our walking, we decided to take the bus home to save our feet. the ticket lady told us that buses come once every 8 minutes. i can handle that! after chatting with a few germans, watching 4 fountain shows and seeing that tacky 'hot babes direct to you in minutes' truck pass us at least 8 times, the bus finally came. 8 minutes... or an hour... as long as i don't have to walk back, right?

the next day we took it easy by the pool.

i swear we didn't mean to- but we got a little crispy. when i look 75 years old at age 26, still love me.

that night we went to visit an old friend of mine who lives in las vegas. dawn and i haven't seen eachother in years and it was so fun to catch up. she has the cutest little girls and a beautiful new home.

we also decided to test our guts on the stratosphere rides. we did the claw one that dangles you off the edge of the tallest building west of the mississippi and spins you around. i won't lie, i was a little shaky.

the view from up top was fabulous.

our final day, cade gave me his gift. a book he made using all our previous blog posts. he did a great job and i love it. cade is such a thoughtful gift giver.

we then headed to the las vegas temple to celebrate how it all began. it had the most beautiful grounds and there were a bunch of weddings going on that made us all nostalgic.

it was a great weekend. this year has flown by and cade and i have had so many adventures so far. i love him.

we would like to congratulate shawnee and laina who had their babies this week and also say goodbye to brett and steph who are moving away to peru.

and finally we would like to tell our dear mothers we love them! it was great seeing them both yesterday and celebrating mother's day with them.

we love you leslie rae taylor and leslea rae bullough!

Monday, May 4, 2009

college graduates....

cade william taylor
BA marketing
BS economics
minor: international business
magna cum laude

ashley ann bullough taylor
BA english
minor: japanese

that's right! cade and i are officially done with college. it feels sooo good. despite another rainy day in logan, we had a fabulous time celebrating with our family and friends on saturday.

finals, papers, projects and 88 dollars in parking tickets behind us, we can honestly say that we loved being aggies. we are so thankful for everyone who supported us.