Sunday, January 23, 2011

meet louise

louise deserves a proper introduction.

age: unknown so we just say "a few months" (we are off to a great start...)
color: black and white
eyes: green (to which cade keeps repeating, "just like her mommy." i find this a strange thing to say because i am not her mommy nor do i have green eyes.)
favorite food: anything violet is trying to eat. this includes: cottage cheese, yogurt, any type of baby food, bananas, blueberries, tomatoes, spaghetti, etc.
favorite hobby: watching tv

favorite people: she loves her aunt kylee. she looooves cade. And she loves me if kylee and cade are both gone. violet is not on her favorite list yet. it may have something to do with hair pulling.

favorite talent: jumping and climbing... which leads to disasters like this-

favorite nighttime activity: fighting with our other cat, sookie.

i joke, i kid. this kitty really is a sweet thing. i highlighted all of her less attractive (yet true) characteristics but she also has a great little kittynality (which is a kitty personality). she loves to cuddle, she puts up with frequent violet attacks and she is contantly trying to please our older cat. she is a bit of a trouble maker but overall she is fitting in well at the taylor home. we welcome louise as our last cat. ever. seriously.


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The Nortons said...

I loved looking at all of the wonderful memories with Louise. Maybe I will print a picture of us together and put it by her food dish. That way she won't forget me when I am gone.

p.s. I did this same thing with like a charm.