Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the swing of things

getting back into our routine of life here has been quite the adventure. i think we are adjusting quite well.... sort of.

in belgium, i blamed all my horrific cooking on inadequate grocery stores, my lackluster language skills and the fact that we owned one dingy pan.

i am not quite sure what my excuse is here in logan- but if you have a good one, let me know. i need it.

cade is adjusting as well as can be expected to his busy schedule.

personally, i'm not really into this kind of multitasking and honestly- many of you may think i have crossed the blogger line with this upload. i couldn't help myself. this moment made me laugh so hard- i couldn't just let this gem go to waste (it's pun time!). p.s. this was posted with cade's approval who is proud of his lifestye. he's a real go-getter this semester!

in fact- i would just like to take this opportunity to brag about how cool cade is. he was recognized by the president of usu and the board of directors as an outstanding student and a great example of student involvement. he received a "resolution of commendation." we're still looking those words up- but i couldn't be prouder. looks like all that extra time he's saving by extreme multitasking is really paying off.

we are liking our new ward. cade is really into the whole basketball scene, i am pretending to be into food storage and just last week the rs presidency paid us a nice visit to get to know us.

cade snapped this shot during the conversation which was directly followed by one of the girls commenting, "wow. that's never happened on one of our visits before."

welcome to the taylor home.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

back to school, back to cool

school.... this many years later, it still has some awkward moments.

after my shoulder pooped out on life, i decided to take a swimming class on campus in order to help it recuperate. after class the other day, i changed out of my suit and was on my way back to the cold when i saw my swimming professor in the hall. he's about 55 and the ex-army dude type... you know what i'm getting at.
wanting to make a good impression, naturally, i thanked him for class. he turned to me with a confused look but finally managed to realize who i was. "wow," he said loudly in a crowded hall. "you look a lot different with all your clothes on."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

our holidays daze

i haven't written a smidge about our holiday break. i was simply building anticipation, and i hope it worked. mostly we have just been super busy and/or without internet. thus- the late holiday post. don't judge.

once we got home to utah, we spent some time at my house because my sister was in town from colorado. we had a grand ol' time getting little owen all hyped up on sugar and staying up until the wee hours of the morning giggling. that is what the holiday break is all about- giggle fits and playing dress up.

we packed in plenty of family parties with our friends and family before the big day rolled around. we spent christmas eve/morning with cade's sister, sadie's family. it was sooo fun- really it was a magical christmas. some of you may be thinking the phrase "magical christmas" is loaded with holiday cheese, but that is the only way to describe it. i truly enjoyed getting to know cade's family traditions.

just magical...

seriously, the room was PACKED with gifts.

later that day we spent some time at my grammy's where we opened more gifts and played rockband into the night.

our new year celebrations took us to glamorous wendover aboard the fun bus. if you haven't done the fun bus before, i highly recommend it. what a deal and a great time- i even won bingo on the bus!

there is so much to see in wendover: the red garter, great cover bands, bar fights, mulletts, and of course the shimmering lights. we had a great time with our friends. at dinner, we all chatted about our resolutions for the new year and such. last year i tried to go the whole year without fries... i was 100% up until europe- then i cracked for those freaky frites. this year, i decided that since i don't really like carbonation- i should just not drink it. cade decided not to shave his beard for a whole year. i can't wait to find out if he was kidding or not.

we got all gussied up for the occasion, but after way too many hours on the dance floor and that many more huddled around the craps table, my feet had just about quit... it wasn't pretty.

post new years has been a blur as we have moved back up to logan. i loved the daze of the holidays.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ode to logan

after making it through another sardine canyon white-out storm, we finally pulled into our beloved little city and immediately began settling in to our new place. i love logan. sure, we are missing belgium and the exciting happenings we managed to squeeze out of everyday life, but we are finding new adventures of our own here in our small town. for example, nowhere else offers car skating, walmart people watching, and frozen fingers contests that can compare to logan's high caliber. and don't even get me started on the basketball games...

we are loving our new apartment, all our wedding gifts we finally get to use and being back at school. ahhh, blessed student life. i was hoping to get a good 'back to school' photo shoot on the first day of classes like my mom used to do- the photo shoot where you look over your shoulder at the camera so you can get the whole new outfit and backpack in the shot- but a 7 am library shift and the lack of back to school clothes stomped on that dream. instead you will have to trust me when i say we are having a blast here in logan again, old backpacks and all.

we had a fabulous christmas and new year's celebration so i will be sure to get on the ball once classes settle in and get some highlights on here. until then, enjoy the snow!