Sunday, January 30, 2011

new year... new resolutions.

we rang the new year in by banging pots and pans with family. it was perfect. i love new things and a new year is a great "new" that i look forward to celebrating.

every year cade and i choose something in our life that is worth putting aside. usually it is something that isn't good for us, but we do just "because." in the past, i have given up things like soda, french fries and gambling (yes, you read that right. have you ever played craps? it is a lot of fun...). cade has given up poor media choices, coca cola, and the snooze button. this year we tried to think of things we could give up that would help us be better and here is what we came up with.

i am giving up chaos. that may sound weird but i swear my life lately is full of craziness. i collapse into bed at the end of the day and think about all the things i should have done and all the things that foolishly filled my day. my priorities were out of whack and i felt chaotic. with my new resolution, i have made a schedule (something that is VERY foreign to me) and i am doing my best to stick to it. one great help to following my schedule is something so great i feel like i need to share it. i wanted to read the scriptures more diligently and read the book of mormon fully within the year. the website helps you do that by tracking your goals and sending you scripture verses everyday to keep you on track. it. is. wonderful.
so, in my effort to feel like i am using my time most effectively, i am following geroge eliot's sage advice, "great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small events brought together."
peace out, chaos.

cade, on the other hand, has taken on quite the challenge. he explains that if the mayans, aztecs and incas are correct, he wants to be ready for the end of everything in 2012. thus, he is giving up all his previous give ups in one year. that means this year he is off caffeine, bad media, snooze button, and comedic swearing. so ambitious, this one. let's hope 2012 really isn't the end- but if it is, cade's ready!

here's to a new year!

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