Sunday, January 30, 2011

dear violet, you are basically an adult.

i love violet- that goes without saying, but i can't help but say it all day long. i swear lately she has gone from being a baby to being a real person. it is happening so fast and i look back regrettably as i forget the everyday things she does that make me laugh. she is the greatest little girl in the world and cade and i spend all our time adoring and loving on her.

to avoid further regret, here are a few things she has been up to:


this video is a little out of focus- sometimes i hate my camera for that. i just want to grab it and catch a moment right as it is happening... but this camera requires i set the shot. kinda tough. anyway, violet is a busy bee. evidence of this is how she snaps while she drinks her bottle. it is almost like she hates the idea of wasting time eating while she could be doing something fun. i love it. what 10 month old snaps? i swear i didn't learn until i was in the sixth grade or something.


anything and everything is climbable in the taylor home. violet can climb on anything now- beds, couches, chairs, boxes, piles of pillows, etc. she is like a billy goat- always happiest at the highest point possible.

the bathroom

if this door is open, destruction is at hand. the worst temptation in the bathroom for vi is the toilet. if the seat is open, that is an open invitation to play in the water... even to drink it. the other day while my sister was over, her little boy, owen and violet raced down the hall and into the bathroom. realizing this could be trouble, we followed them- but apparently not fast enough. by the time we made it down there violet was dipping her hands in the water and sucking them clean. owen, on the other hand stared at violet in disgust and then explained that violet was drinking the water and is was "gross." mom of the year, right here.


vi's new obsession is opening all cupboards and not-so-carefully emptying out all the contents. that is a real joy... i would stop her but she is so happy doing it.

baby einstein

the only time this busy little babe takes a breather is to watch a little bit of a baby einstein show. she prefers, of course, to watch it while sitting in a laundry basket which has been filled with all her favorite things. that show's ability to hold her in a trance like that is amazing.

vi is getting so big and it is crazy to see it happen. there are plenty more moments to share in upcoming posts. you should all be excited to see her dance to lady gaga. it is by far her favorite breakfast music. until then!

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