Sunday, January 23, 2011

not my gumdrop buttons!

a week or so before christmas, heather and jeff invited us over for dinner and a gingerbread party. it turned out great! the kids had fun- and so did uncle cade!

for starters, while the girls were busy in the kitchen finishing up dinner preparations, the boys could be found doing what they do best!

we ate a fabulous meal and then got right down to business making our houses.

while cade and i worked on his 3 story "romantic adobe style home" (complete with a hot tub on the roof) violet was in heaven as candy fell like rain from the table to where she was in the floor. that sugar high helped her crawl up and down the stairs at least a dozen times. nana and gramps were sure nice to chase her all over while we finished up this beauty:

even though we ate more than we decorated, the night was fun. comeone once told me that christmas is 20 times better when you have kids. i can agree with that. even though vi is still a little one, it is so exciting to see all our nieces and nephews enjoy this season and have so much fun.

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