Wednesday, April 3, 2013

zombie prom

 every year, the geertsens hold a halloween party- and this is no ordinary halloween party. it is always planned to the nines- great invite, great decor, great food and great costumes. we look forward to it every halloween!

this year, they went with a zombie prom theme and asked us to dress accordingly. so, naturally, we did!

the girls weren't so sure about the idea at first but then violet started to get into it when she found out she got to put on makeup. that little diva...

they really started to look creepy!

at the party, we were sure to get a picture with granny and grandpa. ivy was still trying to make sense of granny's makeup when we took this photo.

and, in the spirit of prom, there were some couple shots. 

and we for sure got a shot with all 28 grandkids with granny and grandpa. 
a special shout out to the hostess, lindsey. she does a great job and always looks fab. we had a killer time at zombie prom!

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