Tuesday, April 2, 2013

reunions galore

after our taylor family reunion, it was time to head back to the good ol' t-wolf days with cade. his ten year reunion was scheduled to coincide with the high school's homecoming festivities- which i thought was a GREAT idea!

on friday night, the high school hosted a homecoming carnival with all sorts of booths and games for kids. there was even a "class of 2002" booth for the reunion-goers. violet and ivy were in heaven here- so much to do!
 here is vi showing off the medal she won at the math club booth. she had to make animals out of shapes- and i must say, for a two-year old, i am always impressed with her!

here she is getting her face painted- getting ready to cheer on the t-wolves!

also at the fair, violet won a goldfish. she was ecstatic about it all- i was not so thrilled but i remember getting pets when i was younger and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. cade was unsure it would survive our long night at the game- but somehow, the fish lived to see the walls of our home. however, the poor creature was soon called home to heaven after ingesting WAY too much fish food provided by violet and some neighbor kids. it was traumatic for vi to find the little fish dead in the bowl- but it has been a great learning opportunity! after that, i even heard her chiding the cats to "not eat too much and die!"and we often talk of the fish who lives in heaven.

anyway, after the carnival, we headed off to the game. as we were taking photos on the way over, the football team was taking the field. it was fun for cade to watch as the players have formed a tradition to touch the "t" he helped erect when he was a student body officer. glad it is put to good use!
 the game was held on a gorgeous night- it was so nostalgic to be back at a high school game! violet and ivy seemed happy to be there (and luckily someone had a GIANT sack of dum-dum suckers that kept them busy for a long while).  the t-wolves won, we were happy. a great reunion idea, i'll say it again.
the next night, there was a reunion dinner held at byu. one thing i have always loved and admired about cade is that he can get along with anyone. it was apparent that this attribute was present in his high school days as well- he was friends with everyone! they had an open mic where people could share memories of high school and it was fun to hear many of the stories stemmed from cade's group of friends (you were missed, jason!). i love being so close to so many of cade's friends from high school because i was not bored for a second at this reunion! i was texting a play-by-play to mj in DC while listening to sam tell stories about taking his mom to prom. it made me kind of glad that cade wasn't able to make it to mine... he would have been so bored!

cade and i STILL can't believe we graduated ten years ago! crazy! 

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