Wednesday, April 3, 2013

runnin for my life in st geezy

well, i don't know what came over me- but a long time ago i decided i wanted to run a marathon. i wanted to test my body and really put it through the wringer.

well- check it off the bucket list, ladies and gentlemen. you have waited a long time for this and it is finally here:


since my mom has been with me along my training journey, it was only fitting that we went to st. george with them. i was nervous with anticipation, but i was ready for the challenge! months and months of training behind me, we hit the road.

on our way south, we stopped at our new favorite place: the scipio petting zoo. we never used to stop in scipio and now we do every time we drive passed it! it is a little petting zoo with plenty to offer...
 violet always loves this place so much that this was the only shot i could get of her! racing through the animals- probably trying to catch a goat.

we arrived in st. george in time for registration. since jason was going to be late getting into town (no worries- he was just coming in from PERU to run) cade had to pose as jason. if anyone can pull off being a 5'10" blonde man, it is cade. yikes... it worked out. we got registered, ate some pasta and headed home to sleep!

admittedly, i was nervous. i don't get nervous for too many things- but i was scared to face my challenge the next morning. woof- i did not get enough sleep that night! when my alarm finally went off, i jumped up, got into my malone jersey found stockton (jason) waking up in the livingroom and we headed out! this was really happening!

it was a long road to the starting line. a really long road that i realized i would have to run back on if i wanted to complete this thing. the bus just kept going and going and going. i was able to visit for a few minutes with my friend amber- who is always inspiring me- but i spent most of the time catching up with jason, whom i hadn't seen in months!

at the starting line, everyone was in high spirits. jason and i got in one of the never-ending bathroom lines and chatted while we waited. we didn't want to start with full bladders! as we were chatting, jason handed me some anti-diarrhea medication and told me that i would need it. i have never had trouble in that department before as i ran- but i heeded his advice and washed it down with a 5 hour energy. we made it out of the restrooms just in time to get started! we were off.

now, this is something i want to remember so i am going to mark off my marathon mile by mile. nobody expects you to read or enjoy what i am about to write...

mile 1: feeling good. i am really doing this!
mile 2: did i finish that 5 hour energy? i probably should...
mile 3: what in the world is going on in my stomach. WHERE IS A PORTA POTTY!?
mile 4: i need to make up time after such a long stop at the porta potty...
mile 5: keep going and don't think about your stomach- seriously- stop thinking about your stomach!
mile 6: you got this. 20 more miles. keep your head up. (i am always in a great part of my running mix by this point)
mile 7: WHERE IS A PORTA POTTY! what is happening to me!!?
mile 8: a porta potty is in sight! wait- why is someone trying to get in here? i am in here! (*bang* door finally breaks and a long line of people waiting to use the bathroom see me at a VERY low point in my life... woof.)
mile 9: you are really behind now. you need to make up time!! run for it!
mile 10: i thought this race was mostly downhill. why am i heading up? i should have looked at the course map...
mile 11: finally feeling good! let's just keep a pace!
mile 12: i am hungry... but afraid to eat. i can't keep anything in my tummy.... conundrum!
mile 13: oh this is a nice chatty girl next to me. a great distraction.
mile 14: WHERE IS A PORTA POTTY!? sorry girl, i gotta leave ya... those pills jason gave me are a joke!
mile 15: now THIS is the downhill i like!
mile 16: must. eat. something. only ten more miles.
mile 17: that was the best banana i have ever eaten!
mile 18: worst sideache of my life. i need to walk! why is my side hurting so much? oh- maybe it is just happening to hurt at the exact spot i shoved a 5 hour energy into my pants. biggest mistake ever! (this was my roughest mile. i was nearly crawling.)
mile 19: another chatty lady. she is walking too. she has never run this far and doesn't think she can go much further... not exactly the best running mate. luckily the downhill has picked up so i think i can run again.
mile 20: just. keep. going.
mile 21: did i put on sunscreen??? no.
mile 22: i am so close, i feel it.
mile 23: signs of life! people cheering me on! let's take these ear buds off and let them help me run. oh, and thanks for that popsicle, sir.
mile 24: MY MOM AND CADE. yes, let the tears flow. they can run me in from here.

mile 25: seriously, we aren't done yet!? good thing these two are helping me run. and good thing there are plenty of popsicles for cade to keep him occupied since i am running at a snails pace by this point...
mile 26: i see the finish line. just keep going!

26.2: euphoria. exhaustion. and a little anger.

the good news: i finished! the bad news is that it took me forever! i really don't know what was up with my stomach. i am still thinking it was nerves mixed with the 7 bean soup i ate for lunch the day before mixed with 5 hour energies on an empty stomach? who knows... what i DO know is that was not the ideal way to run a marathon- but i still did it!

at the finish line, i found my fellow running friends and got some pictures. i sure do miss jenny...

my biggest shout out after finishing this goal goes to my family. cade was such a good sport to help me train- he never complained about my saturday training days or the days he had to go into late to work after a long morning run. he was always there to support. i love him.

and how can i thank my mom!? she is the best running buddy. helping me those last few miles with cade and encouraging me all the way. i love her.

i spent the rest of the day in bed. i was sick... yikes. it was nice to just relax as the rest of the family enjoyed st. george.

we left to go back the next day. first we stopped by to see gran and bob, we love them...

wanting to be sure we remember this experience, we needed to bring home the ultimate souvenir. as we stopped for gas in beaver, a man pulled up with a truck bed littered with new puppies. he had brought them for another lady to choose from but the minute i saw those dogs, i knew we were coming home with one. cade however, was not on my same wavelength. so, i did what any good daughter would do, i talked my mom into it!

meet phoebe:

this picture is probably the most deceiving picture i have ever taken. this dog has changed my mom's whole life! she is SUCH a handful- and that is an understatement. regardless, she was a great souvenir and we love the rowdy phoebe. she always reminds me of my marathon. the picuture below is also deceiving. i think that is the last time phoebe sat on violet's lap without crushing her- and the last time violet smiled while holding phoebe. they have lots of time to rekindle this relationship- as soon as phoebe is out of her puppy years, right, mom!?
so to recap.........26.2!!

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Lindsey said...

What a great recap! I'm laughing, cringing and tearing up about it all! Your are awesome!