Wednesday, April 3, 2013

september roundup

here are a few other events that happened in september... 

cade grows a NEARD (neck beard)
 cade played a lot of softball. the girls and i enjoyed the games... nuff said.
 my calling at church as the chorister is going well. it took some time, but i really grew to LOVE this calling. cade snapped a shot of me in action one sunday as he came to get ivy. i am glad he did! it is my only evidence i had this calling! (even if the photo doesn't look like the kids are that engaged... i promise they loved when i was the motab director...)
 and THIS is why cade was coming for ivy. she can't stay away from that piano...
 in other september news, ivy tried out a new look that left me only seeing a resemblance to my uncle b. am i wrong!?
 so cade gave it a whirl.
 cade did a lot of bike training this month in preparation for his races. such a fit guy, you know.
 ivy enjoys another birthday celebration with the family.

 all that celebrating left her a little tired. (mom of the year)

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