Wednesday, April 3, 2013

october roundup

here are some other october happenings:

we played a lot of cornhole this month! the weather just kept us all outside and the neighborhood started to really get into it.

don't worry, cade and i were sure to win. HA!

addy and macy were able to stay with us for a few days while jeff and heather went out of town. vi was in heaven. it was really fun to have all the cousins together- and it was great to get a glimpse into what having four kids would be like. not too bad!

this is how we found addy and vi sleeping. too sweet!

it was our month to watch kids on date night for our neighborhood babysitting coop. we are in an exchange group where we use popsicle sticks as currency to pay for time needed to have a sitter. our date night raked in tons of sticks! plus- the kids all had a blast.

cade rides a bunch of motorcycles. i can't tell you how many photos like this i was sent as cade dreamed of buying a new motorcycle. it will be a dream come true one day!

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holtkamp said...

can you please move to our neighborhood?!