Wednesday, April 3, 2013

usu homecoming 2012

 keeping with tradition, we went to the aggie homecoming game with the nortons in september. i can think of no better way to indoctrinate my children to the aggie side than to take them to homecoming. i can't say enough how much we love and miss logan.

as we headed to the game, we were all a little hungry but we knew we were short on time. cade, always the optimist, was sure we would find someone doing the tailgating parties that would hook us up. walking anywhere at utah state with cade and eddie at your side has its perks- sure enough, we were invited to the business school tailgate party and we munched on burgers with aggie ice cream while sitting on the stadium lawn. a perfect start!

then onto the game! it was a white out- so we dressed accordingly... here is violet- solemnly taking in all the aggie-ness she can as the game started.

i promise she was in good spirits...

the game was great- a real show of the new aggie football team. it is a tradition in the stands to throw people in the air for every point scored. violet was sure to NOT miss out on such an opportunity! every time the aggies scored, the boys gathered around and tossed her up. i think the aggies had over 50 points that game! that is FIFTY throws in the air for that wee, little frame. oh, don't worry- she managed to do it with a huge grin on her face. the crowd around us really got into it and cheered for her the whole time. cloud. nine.

this was the best picture we could get of our group. violet still seems unsure- but i promise you she was loving life.

after the aggie win, we went down to the field to take some pictures. 

cade and i met and fell in love in logan- isn't that just precious!? really though... it is.

 here is our other future aggie. always ready to give up a smile for the camera...

and how could we enjoy usu without the nortons. we love them too much!

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K. Norton said...

You missed one crucial detail...Vi's little bum crack. With each throw that girl's pants would get lower and lower. Too cute!