Wednesday, April 3, 2013

halloween at last!

 for the past few years, my mom has hosted a halloween party for us all. it has been great to get together and go trick or treating as a big, giant clan. the kids love it and so do the adults!

this year, violet was, of course the peacock, ivy was an elephant, cade was a giants player and i was a mechanic.
 after a yummy dinner, we set off for the goods. ivy, still not walking, was confined to her stroller. she wasn't exactly thrilled about that once she caught the scent of the chocolate in the air.
 violet's thoughts on all this? the picture below says it all.

the kids got really good at trick or treating. it was hard to keep up with them running from house to house!

 even phoebe joined us for the adventure.

my favorite costume of the night was brad's. hands down best dad award.

 it takes a man with serious confidence to pull of a one-piece iron man costume.

we had a great time! we spent the rest of the evening watching the kids down candy and play. it was a perfect halloween with perfect weather!

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