Wednesday, April 3, 2013

two gallants- barely!

 in october, cade surprised me by planning a night away to see two gallants in concert in slc. it was so good in dallas, cade thought, that he didn't want me to miss out when they came here. so, he sneakily asked my mom to call us and invite us over to see phoebe and such. i accepted the offer, told cade (who was in on the secret) and we took off to sandy. what cade DIDN'T plan on was me changing into my pajamas at the last second. i mean- who doesn't want to wear sweats after 5 pm? as soon as cade saw me walking out to the car, he had to sneak inside and get me some clothes and hide them in the back. sneaky man.

so, we show up at my mom's house to go and i find out it is all a ploy to surprise me with the tickets! a great surprise! we haven't been to a concert in ages and i really was jealous of cade's dallas experience. i changed and we headed to the venue. well, as we pulled up to the concert, we suddenly had an epiphany- this place served alcohol and i did not bring my wallet. where was my ID? oh all the way back in LEHI. we went inside and tried to convince the peeps inside to just let us in without my id- but to no avail. they did, however, say that the band would be late going on stage and that if we hurried, we may still see them. an hour and a half late? i don't think so. but... cade the ever-optimist wanted to give it a try. we buzzed home, got my ID, buzzed back and walked in to find that the band had not even started! we missed the opening act but- who cares!? we made it!!

and i was glad we did...

after my marathon, i realized my connection to the mail man was deep.
 plus, we got to meet up with some great friends at the show that made it even better.

it was a great surprise and worth all the extra work- but i forgot how loud it is to see music live! i sound 80 years old when i say that...

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