Tuesday, April 2, 2013

taylor family reunion

don't worry, we for sure checked our family trees... it just so happens, however, that i come from a long line of taylors as well. it is odd to take the maiden name of my grandmother as my married name- but with confidence that relations were distant, i come from taylors and am now a taylor.

so, when i say that we had the taylor family reunion in september for MY family, it will make a little more sense.

grammy was in charge of this year's reunion so we decided to help her out as much as we could. we planned an outdoor movie night at the park- which seemed to be a great idea... until the weather forecast came out that week saying that we would be standing in a downpour. the weather man was right... RAIN for our outdoor movie event. still, we made the best of it with snow cones and popcorn while we moved the movie screen under a pavilion.

it is always great to see family that you don't see often enough. this gathering was especially sweet because, although not known at the time, this was our last family get together with my dear uncle brent before his passing.  he has always been an example of love and strength to me so i look back in gratitude that we were able to sit and chat with him that evening.

the girls loved exploring the park- even in the wet conditions.

and after the rain had stopped, we were thankful for such a beautiful sky... 

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