Tuesday, September 6, 2011


to kick off warmer weather, cade and i volunteered to help out with head start's spring fundraising event, threads. at first i thought we would just be helping with serving appetizers or something- but the next thing i know, i am on the planning board for the event and cade and i are knee deep in responsibilities. luckily, the event was a blast so the work was fun and the company stellar.

we asked all our friends to volunteer with us and i must say that i was overwhelmed with the support we received. over 20 people stepped in and made the event awesome.

cade made a great video for the event- BUT it was taken off of youtube due to copyrights on the music. i would upload it here using blogger- BUT it was filmed in hd and would take a good week to upload. so, just know it was a great event that raised a bunch of money for a great cause.

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