Sunday, September 11, 2011

sanboynortay and our lil' cowgirl

every year, we try to go camping with the four boy besties (who call themselves "dawgs for life' or something like that....). anyway, for the past two years, our camping trips have turned into sleepovers instead- the boys aren't as excited about camping as the girls, i think. it is still a great time to get together for the sleepover and violet loves the company. we ate some dinner, chatted until 3 in the morning and giggled our way to bed. it was nice to get together- especially since jason is moving to peru for a while and we wanted to spend some time with him.

the boys decided they wanted to sleep in cade's man cave which left the gals cuddled all comfy in the bed.

the next morning, we headed to grantsville. allie has been inviting us out to her family ranch for MONTHS with promises that violet would be in heaven. we were all excited to finally make it happen and take a day trip.

allie turned out to be spot on when she said that violet would be in heaven. she loved every second of the ranch. first, she didn't hesitate to jump on "best friend," the miniature horse, and ride around all by herself. she didn't want any help and it quickly became apparent that she didn't need it. she would hold onto the saddle and bounce along like she had been born to do this. she even started to be brave enough to wave everytime she would pass by the group.

we took her off the horse a few times- but she insisted she get back on. i worry we have created a pony-craving monster. she is obsessed.

the andersons were so nice to let her ride all around. i think it was too cute for any of us to object.
the adults got a chance on the horses as well.

not me of course. not while i am looking like this...

after some horse time, the men jumped on the atvs and took off.

while we stayed back to chat and gab with allie's grandma- the owner of the ranch. she is a cutie.

violet loved this time to explore. she was rolling in the gravel, splashing in puddles and eating as many vanilla wafers as kylee would offer her. she only paused for a second (pictured above) to get some comfort after knocking her head pretty hard. she LOVED that ranch. she was even more excited when daddy came back and gave her a ride on the four wheeler.

she is waving at me here and telling me "bye"....she was ready to drive off with her daddy.

after the fun at the ranch, we feasted like kings with the andersons and headed home. it was a great way to spend labor day.

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Kristine L. said...

I am so happy that you got all caught up on your blogging! You seriously deserve a pat on the back because I think most people would have just lumped it all together in a big catch up post. I have enjoyed them all in the middle of the night when I am up.

Now to the post... I am DYING. Violet seems like a hoot and just full of personality. Those pics of her on the horse are too much.

It's funny, I was totally thinking about the loving another child thing tonight and I am with you... it seems impossible. But I have heard it isn't from multiple sources so appatently it's true. So excited that you get to meet your little one soon!