Sunday, September 11, 2011

swiss misses

last weekend, my mom, my sister and i decided to head out to park city and heber for the weekend in order to shop a little and go to swiss days. it was a blast. so much so, in fact, that the only picture i ended up taking was this cute one of violet and owen in bed reading.

we hit the outlets on friday where the deals were fabulous. we shopped and shopped until finally the stores were closed and our bellies were rumbling. we headed to maxwells for dinner and feasted on some super yummy pizza. by this point, it was pretty late at night and we were sleepily headed back to out hotel.
the kiddos were tired but found the excitement of a new sleeping arrangement too much to handle. they perked up immediately and were wound up in no time. they would run around the room squealing for hours- seriously. it took a bit to wind them down and get them into bed, but they managed.
violet slept in a bed with mandy and owen. at one point in the night, she woke up and was trying to figure out where she was. she reached over to my sister and felt her belly and asked, "mama?" when she realized that there was no belly, she immediately felt her hands to my sister's face and asked, "dada?" it was at that point she realized that she was not where she thought she was.
that poor girl knows her parents with a big belly and a beard- which are both temporary! things are really going to change for her this fall!
the next day, we hit swiss days in full force. we found all sorts of deals as we weaved through the massive crowd and we walked away with some treasures. the ride home was pretty rocky- but in the end, the trip was successful. we loved it!

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