Wednesday, September 7, 2011

last minute getaway!

as summer began to wind down, we took another little vacation to st. george with the fam and had a grand ol' time. my parents rented out a condo that had something to offer everyone. the kids loved the pool and playground. i loved the leather recliner. cade loved the close golf course. it really was ideal.
here are the highlights:


we lounged, played sharks and minnows, had a diving contest and enjoyed the luxury of having absolutely nowhere to be. i loved it. plus, we nearly had the entire pool to ourselves!

i probably shouldn't post a picture where i look this large, but i feel it needs to be documented.


i looooooove h&m. especially since i have two little girls to dress. the kids clothes are so fabulous and so cheap. we really were a little out of control here.

my dad, bless him, is always a good sport when it comes to shopping with the gals. he always offers to hold everything.... and we let him. there was a point when he had clothes hanging from all belt loops and stacked as high as his head on both shoulders. needless to say, we had to sort through our finds to get the best deals. it was GREAT. i am excited (and nervous) for h&m to come to slc soon!

the lake

we took off for an afternoon at the lake. sand hollow is an awesome spot in st. george that we had never experienced. it really is worth the trip!

isn't cade's beard awesome these days?

little mermaid

we went to see the little mermaid at the tuacahn theater. little vi wasn't old enough for the show so cade gladly volunteered to stay back with some other daddies at the condo. it was a great show- mostly i loved seeing the look on owen's face the whole time. he got so into it all and has since been chatting about ursula, ariel and the whole crew ever since. he even wants my sister to dye her hair red- and he is getting pretty adamant with his request.


we loved to take the opportunity to just hang out for a bit. st. george is a place that will always remind us all of my grandpa blaino who passed away over ten years ago. it was fun to think back to memories we had with him while we were there and to marvel at the amazing man he was. i love family time and this was absolutely perfect.

i sure hope this becomes a tradition.. wink wink.


LAINA said...

FUN! So we are going to St. George in October once Colin is home. I have never been to Sand Hallow, but maybe we will just have to go.

I also didn't know there was an H&M there. I am going to have to hit it up.

Also, you look so great in your turquoise bathing suit with Vi in her yellow one, what a model picture!

Megan and Greg said...

I am soooooooooo jealous you got to go to H&M. Oh man, I've only been in Belgium.