Tuesday, September 6, 2011

r.i.p. aztek.... r.i.p.

in 2007, i had just returned from my mission and was in need of some wheels to take me back to school. my dad took me over to the auto auction in salt lake where i was hoping to buy the subaru wrx they had up for bid that day. instead, i came home with this beauty.
it wasn't ever what i thought i would buy but i got it for a STEAL and happily drove it back up to logan. well, for those of you who know the story of how cade and i came to be, you know that i pretty much met him the first day i moved back to school. thus, this car became OUR car right away. it is our love mobile, so to speak.
we have had some great times in this car. some of our early dates, vegas trips, driving home to tell our families we were engaged, camping trips, sunday afternoon car rides just to spend time together. we once fit 17 people inside for a late night food run.
we drove away to our honeymoon in a decorated version of the aztek and had confetti spitting out of the a/c vents for months.
we took long road trips after we were married and relied on this beast to move us all over the world- literally. then, we used this car to take our baby home from the hospital. after that, the car turned into the family car where we sang itsy bitsy spider at the top of our lungs or turned the radio off in hopes to lull a tired babe back to sleep.

sure... i am making a MUCH bigger deal out of selling a car than i should. i guess i am just trying to make myself feel better about lil' goldie being turned over to this affliction-t-shirt-wearing-dude.

oddly enough, we bought ANOTHER gold car. this time, something smaller. an elantra hatch back. we are loving it... but we still think about our aztek whenever we wish we had a cooler in the console.

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LAINA said...

I am pretty sure the guy you sold your car to is in my ward.