Tuesday, September 6, 2011

rancho cherpablo 2011

another fun time at cherpablo this year. it was even better having miss vi prancing around the place like she owned the entire outdoors. my dad has always said (even when she was a baby) that he thinks violet is going to be an adventure seeker- especially when it comes to the outdoors. she consistently proves him right by hiking, climbing and finding adventure everywhere. thus, cherpablo was a dream for this little one.
she got to swing...
and then insisted she swing by herself.
she rode the three wheeler
and the four wheeler. basically any time an engine started, she thought she had to go on a ride.
she would swing in the hammock
and play for hours in the dirt
she is also really into playing pretend- especially when it comes to lotion and babies. anyway, this is a picture of her pretending to wash her hair. yes, she was using dirt as the shampoo.
she really spent the entire time squealing with joy. she loved the stars, the fire and sleeping in the tent with mommy and daddy. what a difference a year makes! i remember going with her as a baby last year and she was too little to really enjoy all that there is to do. she sure made up for that this year- much to gramps' delight.

meanwhile, there was much do to for everyone! we found an abandoned bus- which was entertaining and nasty all at the same time.

we played games and snacked like royalty.

we had a luau- complete with hula lessons
we ate good food
we danced

we frolicked

we played our annual horseshoe tournament

and we giggled.

we always have a great time at cherpablo.

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