Sunday, July 15, 2012

four years

four years in the books. i always look forward to may 9th and the opportunity i have to reflect on one of the best days of my life. everyday living is crazy and i feel like cade and i are busier than ever. i welcomed the chance we had to take a time out from it all. 
this year was cade's turn to plan the festivities and he didn't disappoint. we started out at happy sumo for some yummy japanese bliss. we exchanged gifts. the 4th year gift is flowers or linen. i got cade some shirts (not quite linen but close enough) and he got me some gorgeous flowers to hang out front.

next, cade and i drove up the canyon to watch the city at sunset. we chatted, watched hikers, found our house, and enjoyed the quiet. then we made out. it was awesome. 

we came back to find these three, pretty ladies waiting for us. 

couldn't love them more. 


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Pandora Wild said...

happy family =)
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