Sunday, September 30, 2012

making a run for it

 i am not a runner. i have probably said that enough times in my life to have it printed in vinyl and slapped on my livingroom wall. i am not a runner. i embraced this mantra all through high school and college sports. i hated running in every form- the warm up, ladders, indian runs, sprints, stadiums, jogging.... yuck. i ran plenty, but you can be sure that every step of the way i was hating it all. i was even slow enough that whenever i had a great hit in softball, one coach would always yell, "drop the piano and run, bullough!" as i ran the bases. again, i am not a runner. 

i do, however, understand that running is a great way to keep in shape. you can do it on your own- no team required. you don't need any equipment- no court, no net, no ball. it doesn't matter what time of day or where you are- you can run. after ivy was born, i found myself doughy, sluggish and ready to get back into shape. the only problem? i knew that would involve running. 

making the best of it, i decided a good challenge was in order. i needed to know that there was a reason to the run- not just to shed the baby weight but also to make it worth it to me. i called up my mom and heather, enlisted them in my challenge, and set off on foot. i wanted to do a half-marathon. the ogden half-marathon, to be specific.

it should be noted here that until this point, my furthest run was the annual freedom 5k we participate in every july. at the end of those 3 miles, you could find me in a sweaty haze- pooped for the rest of the day. i always thought i was in shape, and that freedom 5k proved me wrong every year. so when i made the goal to run a half marathon, a small part of me thought it would be impossible. The larger part of me, however, knew that my competitive drive would make sure it happened. 

so i started running like crazy. 

after a few months of working myself up into a biggest-loser-esque sweat, i found that i was actually looking forward to my runs. i planned them out, found great playlists and picked up speed. could i actually like running? the day of the race finally came- and the three ladies who, a few months back, didn't think that a half-marathon sounded very fun or manageable were able to run the race like a boss.

it. felt. great. 

so- does this make me a runner now? i don't know. to be honest, i don't think i am. i still prefer a great workout in a gym or a thrilling game of volleyball over a long run. but i know that it showed me that i can make and reach goals. and i don't totally despise running anymore. 

the proof?
i immediately signed up for the st. george FULL marathon this october. 

one thing is for sure: i had the cutest (and thirstiest) group of fans.

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