Sunday, July 1, 2012

well... april flew by

april came and went- SO FAST. months feel like days here in the taylor home. with so much going on, i am really behind on posting to this blog- but as i look through all our pictures, i am glad i can get all of our fun recorded and remembered.

remembering elaine
cade's great aunt elaine passed away this month. she was a kind woman who cared so much for the people and animals around her. many of the stories i have heard about elaine remind me so much of cade. they are both such animal lovers. cade took this picture at elaine's house.

cade remembers parts of her house and even her car having spider webs that she refused to take down. she liked the spiders and didn't want to disturb. last summer, we had wasps nesting all over the outside of our house. cade, like elaine, didn't want to take away what the wasps had created so he didn't take the nests down- and i couldn't convince him otherwise (a neighbor took pity on our waspy house and knocked them all down, thankfully... but that is another story). i got off on a tangent here, but i think it is sweet that the kindness and unconditional love that i value so much in cade is such a defining characteristic of his granny and aunt elaine, who both passed this year. what wonderful women who have influenced my family so much.

 the funeral was beautiful and it was fun to see family. cade and shafer wore matching suits. twinners!
cade and i have both been training for races and it has been rough adding such a simple thing into our busy schedules. i have been waking up super early to work a run into my day and cade has been working out with his coworkers over lunch. admittedly, his lunch time work outs are far cooler than mine. they bike up the canyon, trail run and even do really manly things like throw boulders around. i just keep running and running and running.... violet has even caught the bug. she often asks if we can race and joins in whenever we do situps or burpees.

addy's fashion barbie birthday
 addy had a fashion barbie birthday that really took fashion to the next level. the kids got all dressed up and had a fashion show- even owen! he really wishes he had a boy cousin to play with... but he is a good sport to play with the girls. 

 ivy found a great spot to get some lovin from nana and grammy.
 and violet was in princess heaven.... dresses AND heels. she can't get enough! when she dances, she holds her dress out just like a lady would. classy and cute, little vi.

winder is a wonder
since cade loves milk, i got him a winder gift of milk for christmas last year. we have been loving our milk. so much so, in fact, that we really try to butter our delivery man up when we forget to put out our bottles. is this bloggable? hmmm. i have pictures- so it is going on here!

sunday walks
we love the warmer weather and it has led to some fabulous sunday walks. vi is such a fun little person to be around. she has so much to say and to observe. i mean it when i say that i genuinely like spending all my time with her. she is so great. BOTH girls are great. little ivy is constantly getting love- but i am really loving this chatty stage with vi. it makes our walks all the more fun.

p party
my cute nieces are selling paprazzi jewelry to help pay for their dance camps and efy trips this summer. my cute neighbor was selling posh bath products to help another neighbor with an adoption fundraiser. combining these two products, the p party was born.  it was fun to have everyone over to shop and gab. even the teens had fun dressing in some prom dresses that were given to them. how cute, eh?

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