Sunday, July 15, 2012

probably one of the best feelings in the world

i don't put this out there to "nanny, nanny poo-poo" anyone else... BUT this was a huge deal to us in the taylor home. as of the end of april, we are DEBT FREE (excluding our mortgage... but who counts that as debt besides dave ramsey?).  we haven't had a car loan in years, we haven't ever had credit card debt, but we have always had the nagging loom of student loans hanging over our heads. i should clarify here that the student loans were all mine. cade is one smart dude and managed to get two bachelor degrees without a spec of debt. i, on the other hand, fell into the idea that i would pay off the pesky loans with all the boat loads of money i would be making post graduation. that idea, btw, is crazy. student loans are the ultimate pits! the interest rates are "low" but they still cost a ton of money! money that you wish was yours! plus, i don't know a lot of people with boat loads of money. i don't even know very many people with boats. i have been paying on these loans for a while now and after finally getting the pay-off record, i can say it again:

probably one of the best feelings in the world.   


LAINA said...

That is awesome. I remember when we finished paying off my loans. It wasn't much but it still felt so nice. HOORAY!

holtkamp said...

wow! that is awesome! that day for us seems like it will never happen! any tips on how you guys did it?!