Sunday, July 15, 2012

cinco de mayo

 we are always looking for a reason to party. i would just like to thank all of mexico for cinco de mayo. we lived it up this year with a great lunch and cornhole tournament at jordan's. 
nothing beats lounging out on the grass on a sunny day with a bunch of people we love. even vi took advantage of the fun and convinced jordan to tickle her back while she tried to nap. 

the party really was fun- even if we didn't excel at cornhole that day. we lost early- sending us to the losers bracket. before we had a chance to redeem ourselves, it was time to go. the day was just getting started!
we dropped the girls off with my parents and headed out with cade's family for another nkaadn (no kids, all adult date night). with 28 grandkids in this fam, we realized that sometimes, we just need to get together and chat sans kids. 

we dined at olive garden and then headed over to gordman's, a new store in the district in south jordan, while the men headed off to a movie. we had no idea what to expect of gordman's, but we all seemed to leave with our arms full. my arms were especially full after cade's sisters broke the news to me that my house was a little on the dark side and needed some lighting. quickly solving the problem, i picked up two lamps and haven't looked back. now for some under-cabinet lighting, new flooring, more lamps, new faucet, etc, etc. the gordman peeps were super nice. we were shopping our hearts out with NO idea that the store had been closed for a while. none of them pressured us or told us they were closing. it wasn't until we were all in line buying our armloads (ALONE) that we realized we were the only ones there and had been for the last half hour or so. good on ya gordman's!
it was late and my babies were ready to go. i rushed to pick them up and planned to meet up with cade later. after driving here and there after such a long and busy day, cade found me looking like this when we finally met up to drive home. 

i was flat pooped. cinco de mayo had worn us all out!

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