Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the slumber party

instead of camping, this year we decided to have a slumber party. grown adults can still do that, right? truth is, the six of us really do love slumber parties... so much so that we just had ANOTHER one (but that is a later post).

so this year's norton/taylor/boyle spendover went as follows:

we grilled

we chatted

we slept

and we breakfasted

violet loved the slumber party because she got whatever she wanted from her aunties and uncies. like chips....

and undivided attention...

i love this picture because she really does adore eddie and sam.

the slumber party was so ideal, we may just replace the camping trip all together!

(just kidding, ky. we would NEVER do that.)

1 comment:

The Nortons said...

I'm lovin the new posts, Ash. Keep 'em coming!

Next sleepover...The Nortons, and maybe we can even set up a tent on our 3 foot by 5 foot patio, so it will be like a camping trip.

To be honest since our place is so small we might have to (: