Tuesday, October 5, 2010

baby macy

violet couldn't wait to meet her new cousin, macy, who had been born in logan. so, as soon as macy was ready for visitors, we traveled up to the land of milk and honey to see her.

little macy had a rough start and needed some extra oxygen for the first little bit, but she is feeling MUCH better these days. she is a little dolly and we can't get enough of her.

violet had a great time hanging out with everyone. lately, she loves drinking water from a cup and can't get enough of it. once she gets a swallow, she will grab onto the cup and force it to her mouth. it is crazy how grown up she is getting.

addy had a great time playing with violet as well...

gramps, however, struck it rich when violet had a little leak... sorry, gramps.

violet is excited to have her cousins move close to her so they can play all the time! thanks for letting us stay with you, bulloughs!


Christina (Cha) said...

Classic picture of Violet and your dad. That is so funny!!! It wouldn't even really be as funny if it was anyone else, but that is just priceless.

Malcolm & Brooke said...

Ok Ashley, how in the world did you get Violet to drink from a cup already?! I have been trying with Hayley everyday and she want's nothing to do with it!

~SHERI said...

That last picture is SO classic. I made me laugh out loud. A lot.