Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a farewell fiesta

our good friend, jason, left for a sabbatical to central/south america last month. before he left, we decided to have a little party for him at our house to say goodbye.

following theme, i prepared a salsa bar and had mimosas (minus the bubbly, of course). everybody brought some meat to grill and something to share so there was plenty to eat and lots to chat about.

it was fun to talk to friends, hang out with jason and enjoy all the company. to end the evening, cade and sam prepared a skit of jason's life to honor him. i really wish i would have taken some pictures of that....

violet had a blast. she is a party queen. she can sense it whenever something is going on and she refuses to miss out on a second of the fun. i got her in her jammies and all ready for bed- but there was no fooling her. she HAD to be out in the action.

she loved being passed around and oogled over and i loved watching it all. soooo... we let it happen. finally, she called it quits right in jordan's arms.

how can you not LOVE this baby?

we love jason and hope that he is having a great time. we miss you already!


Jessica Madsen said...

looks like a way fun party. I need help with a halloween party idea... any suggestions for something fun... That viloet of your is to die for. Seriously, she gets cuter with each picture. Hope to meet her someday!

Jason Sanders said...

Well, isn't this just the nicest post! Where is everyone's comments saying how much they adore and miss me? Thanks again for a bangin' party! No parties like the Taylors.

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

Thanks again for hosting Ash! It was great to see you guys! It was a fun night....not to mention how I still smile thinking of the skit

I MISS jason