Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i am tired of being so behind on this blog- so my goal is to be completely caught up before the unveiling of c&a's 2010 halloween video. so to start off, we are headed back to labor day where we spent the weekend at rancho cherpablo. i have split the post into main events.


rancho cherpablo isn't complete without various theme nights. so, for starters, we had a cowboys and indians night.... and since we weren't dining on turkey and sweet potatoes in a spirit of thanksgiving, that could only mean one thing: the battle at wounded knee was inevitable.

we split into teams

and competed in all sorts of events

(if you ever want to know what an unflattering pair of lee jeans can do for you, see below and look no further)

this was a pretty competitive battle, but it ended up far less bloody and far more peaceful than it's namesake.

vi loved it all. it had all of her favorite things: it was outdoors, she could watch kids play and everyone oodled over her. she was one happy cowgirl.

during the days, we took the time to take it easy. this meant fishing, four wheeling, cards, buzzerwizzer, hairstyling, naps, leisure ping pong, and singing around the campfire. (since most of the family aren't great singers, I should clarify that we mostly listened to liz and nic and their FABULOUS version of "i can show you the world")

our next theme was a spanish night to help celebrate natalie's birthday fiesta. the costumes pretty much turned politically incorrect from the start. nobody meant any harm... there just weren't enough sombreros to go around so some of us others had to make do with what we had. in our defense, we are a very muticultural family...

emo was a great sport about all the themed nights and dress ups.

even hurley got into the action

after chowing on tacos, we completed the night with a pinata and some latin tunes.

my grandpa has our old suburban on the property to take out on hunting trips and indiana jones escapades. it was getting a little rusty, so we decided to paint it.

there was a girl side

and a boy side

the boys pretty much gave up when they saw how great the girl side looked... we all signed the back and cade did the lettering on the front.

poor grammy had to sit out on this one. earlier that morning she was moving a log in the fire pit and when it suddenly gave way, she fell into the fire! she is one tough grammy. even though her hand was badly burned, she just kept right on.

we love spending time with the fam and all the fun at rancho cherpablo. it is a great family tradition that we will always look forward to.

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Abby said...

Those eyebrows had me laughing! You hit the nail on the head. I was laughing till read about Grammy in the fire. that is no laughing matter.