Tuesday, October 5, 2010

adding a little color...

our house was in need of a little color. soooo, we took on a few projects. we are still working on some of them, but this post will be a good peek into what has been going on.

project one: the front door

our front door was sad. very sad. the paint was scratched, there were black marks, spots were sticky from where the sale stickers had been lovingly slapped on... really, our front door was in a deep, dark depression. cade and i looked at a few different colors... but in the end, we decided that our door would be happiest with blue. so that is what we did: we painted our door blue.

mandy, brad and owen helped, of course.

i couldn't be more happy with the final result.

i love it for a few reasons. first, i just think it looks great with all the beige... secondly, when cade and i first met, i was living in a house that had been nicknamed "blue door" because the house had, well, a blue door (obviously). we had so much fun at "blue door" in logan and i am loving having the blue back

project two: our bedroom

i wanted to lighten up my bedroom and choose a color that would go with the black, white and yellow i have in there... so we went ahead and painted the room a light blue.

my mom and dad came over to help- and although we started the project at 10:00 pm, we still had a great time painting through the night. my mom is a MASTER at edging. she crawled around the entire room with her little brush and tool making sure the baseboards stayed nice.

the room is now blue. VERY blue. very, very blue. but, again, we love it! it is something different from the rest of the house and it is fun to have some color.

project three: accent wall

our main room is large and full of unoccupied wall space. moving from a jam-packed apartment with no room for anything to a house that is seemingly empty was quite the transition. for the main wall in the livingroom, we decided on green.

this turned out great as well... i love this color. we added a photo collage once the paint dried and now it seems like the wall is finally a part of the room.

project four: cleanup

no matter how careful we tried to be, paint still found a way to get in the craziest of places. thus, the cleanup.

more projects to come soon!

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Kristen said...

Your house looks AWESOME! Love all the new colors. LOVE the blue door! When can I come see?