Sunday, September 30, 2012

remembering on memorial day

appropriate for memorial day, we spent the day remembering our loved ones WITH our loved ones. first, it was off to grandpa blaino's burial spot. my grandpa was such a good man with the biggest heart. it is impossible for us to have any sort of conversation about him without tearing up. we miss him. my dad especially misses him. and that makes us all miss him even more. thank the heavens for eternal families. 
 violet and owen made this a great experience as they asked questions about grandpa. they could tell he was special to all of us. owen had some tough questions... my favorite: "is THIS heaven????"

but my REAL favorite moment of the day was looking over to find violet and owen with their pants down as they peed on the lawn.

after, we headed south to visit the taylor and tucker family graves. again, another special time as ray and linda told stories and shared memories. all the little ones went hog wild at the cemetery. 

we also got a great shot of the handsome taylor men. 

to finish it all off, we partied at the geertsen's house with the cousins running wild and the adults chatting. a great day to remember.

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