Sunday, September 30, 2012

may i?

here are some other odds and ends from may....

leslea has a birthday

we celebrated with a great day together. first pedicures, then a feast of a lunch at black bear diner and to finish it off- shopping! seriously... you couldn't even see the table through all our plates at lunch. we ate like queens and got each other laughing so hard we were crying and eating and loving life. 
 i sure do love my mama.
 cade keeps biking like crazy

every chance he got, cade would climb a mountain and zoom down another. 

 deep in the heart of texas!

cade had a business trip in austin this month. he is training for an upcoming spartan beast race so he and his coworker used their time well to run the streets whenever they could... he said it was the hottest run of his life. 

he did also do some work...

 a fear of clowns

cade and i were assigned to help out with our ward float for the parade. no big deal... this project took 7 hours to complete. that wouldn't be so bad if we didn't start at 9pm. those clowns had the last laugh.

wheeler farm

 violet was in a neighborhood joy school this last year with her friends. sure, she was the youngest, but she had a blast. they learned all about the alphabet- and regardless of what actually stuck in her brain, it was a lot of fun! to finish off the year, we all headed to wheeler farm to see the animals and play.

 violet gets her first taste of church service

if only the love of washing windows lasted...

strawberry fields forever

our garden is growing and growing. the teeny, tiny berries are almost as cute as the model. but not quite...

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