Sunday, April 15, 2012

vi pie turns two

i promise this is the last post about violet turning 2.... i just can't help myself- we love to party! after our two previous celebrations, i was worried that little vi would think that everyday was her birthday. what a way to go through life, thinking that everyday is your birthday! to try and set her actual day of birth apart from the celebrations, cade and i tried very hard to make the day all about her. we let her decide every bit of the day (save the nap... that was not up for negotiation).
so, our day started with pancakes. lots and lots of pancakes. right now pancakes are by far her favorite food. she requests them at all hours of the day- especially when she is bored. "i just want some pancakes." her birthday wish was granted and the pancakes came down like rain. with butter and a little syrup, that little one can easily out-eat cade and i. for her birthday breakfast, she managed to wolf down 4 pancakes before i had eaten one!

after that, we played around the house, opened some gifts from mama and daddy, ate mac n cheese for lunch (a close second on her favorite foods list), took naps before heading out to kangaroo zoo for some fun.

violet has only recently discovered a fear of anything- she has always been quite fearless which means she loves to play, play, play. kangaroo zoo was the perfect spot for her to run wild, dive down slides and jump to her heart's content.

ivy was loving life watching all the fun. i am obsessed with this baby.

after a few hours of jump time with the cousins, it was time for dinner. we picked up some quesadillas (another fave) and headed home for more play, presents, and cupcakes.

it was perfect.
all the fun left our little one all tuckered out.

the two's aren't so terrible after all.

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