Sunday, April 15, 2012

i am obsessed with this baby

we love little ivy rae.

ivy really is the cutest thing you will ever see. seriously, ask around. the other day my sister was over at my house and as she sat and cooed with ivy for a bit, mandy finally said, "ok! this really is cuteness overload." you can't get enough ivy. i dare you.

so what is new with her?

developmental milestones
she is doing really well developmentally. she rolled when she was supposed to, she is sitting, babbling, clapping. i know this sounds weird, but i worried about this for a while. ivy is just SO content that i thought she would be fine never really progressing. i was wrong!

she loves to roll and scoot and somehow manages to get herself to all sorts of places. she isn't crawling by any means, but she can maneuver her way across a room.

to say she loves all food is an understatement. we have been giving ivy more and more solids lately and she is loving life. she has become so accustomed to trying new food that she gets a little testy if you hold her while you eat. SHE wants some, too!


i think one of the main reasons ivy is always so happy is because she has two thumbs. if she catches herself getting the least bit worked up, she quickly finds her thumb and everything becomes ok. she sucks her thumbs so much, in fact, they are even a bit chaffed and sore.

grabby hands
ivy is in the grabby hands stage for sure. it makes things nice when i want to sit her down and put some rice crackers on her tray- but it also makes it hard when you want to do pretty much anything else. luckily, violet loves to let ivy grab her hair and face. entertainment for both!
those grabby hands also come in handy when she needs a bottle.

ivy is still considered high-risk for respiratory issues so every month we head to the doctor's office for a special (and expensive) immune shot aimed at helping prevent sickness in ivy. it really has helped ivy in so many ways, so despite the sadness of getting so many shots and the pinch to the pocketbook, we have been so grateful for it. it keeps ivy happy all month long.

pretty much we all spend our day loving on this baby. she is almost always content and smiling- though she is still selective with her giggles. those are few and far between. still, she has three, devoted admirers: mommy, daddy, and violet.

the cats aren't really that big of fans yet...


Leslea said...

I am obsessed with those cute kids too! It was fun to see the updated posts. I'm ready to go back to St George for some R&R.

Lindsey said...

Your babes are smoochalicious. Love the updates. Violet's glasses.... to adorable!