Sunday, April 15, 2012

march madness: a month in one post

march madness lived up to its name this year. not so much in basketball terms- but just in life. the month FLEW by and now we are left with a bunch of fun times with friends and family to reflect on. here are some highlights (with as little or as much explanation given as i felt necessary):

snow time like the present
it finally snowed enough to make a snowman. so, we did.

st. george
the girls and i ventured south with my parents for a week of fun in st. george. my dad had a work conference there so we tagged along and made the best of it. you know it was a great week of relaxation when you get home and realize you didn't take a single photo. we ate like royalty, shopped until we literally dropped, and enjoyed the sun a bit. violet loved bossing my parents around all week and ivy loved having all the attention she could ever want. great times.

family 5k
my family has been competing in a healthy lifestyle challenge so we decided to all run a 5k together.

cade runs for office... sort of
'nuff said

cade's cousins had a get-together and we loved seeing all of them. i especially loved little vi and hobbes running around together.

cade embodies st. pattys
he has decided that he will only wear all green on this day. i guess that is the whole idea with the "green" theme but i don't think the public is ready for this:

city creek
city creek center in SLC opened and i am in love with it. i truly do love shopping- even if i don't buy anything- so this mall is a welcomed addition. we enjoyed a family outing there one night and we all found something to love on.
cade heads to florida
cade went to the south east for a work conference. he was sure to bring back lots of swag for us to sift through.
hunger games
cade and i have read the series so we were exited to see the movie. i pretty much had goosebumps the entire time- which i am both happy and embarrassed to admit to.
it was kylee's bday when we went to see the movie. thus, she is the winner of the hunger games.

sanket and shradda anniversary
we we able to attend the wedding anniversary of our friends sanket and shradda. they are a fabulous couple and we loved spending time with their friends. i especially loved all the yummy indian food.

general conference
came and went. we loved the time we spent together as a family watching and listening to modern day prophets and revelators. sometimes it is nice to stay in your pjs all day.

hollywood connection
cade's sister, sadie, moved to elko with her family a while ago for a job opportunity. we don't get to see them as often as we would like anymore, so when we get the chance, we jump on it! they passed through utah on their spring break so we all met up at hollywood connection so the kids could run wild and the adults could chat. violet was in heaven. she rode the carousel, the "bus," and ran wild through that place. she still asks me when we are going to get on the bus again. we loved seeing the gouldings!

cade makes a cat perch
a neighbor complained that our cats were too annoying. i guess they were pooping and digging and frolicking where they weren't supposed to. we have been trying to keep them inside more- so cade made them a little perch.

we ventured out to the sandy aquarium where violet ooo-ed and ahhhh-ed over all the sharks, turtles and penguins. few things compare to seeing your child's face shake with excitement. who cares how many times we had been there before: she was still THAT thrilled.

a terrible loss
cade's basketball team has seen better days. this is something worth documenting. check out this final score.

date nights
we have officially decided that these are necessary. and i love this idea.

So there you have it: MARCH.

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