Sunday, April 15, 2012

i still think i am 20 but...i'm not.

it really is strange growing up and getting older. days feel like months and months feel like days. the next thing you know, you are living in a house with a husband, 2 babies, 2 cats and the neighborhood kid calls you 'ma'am.' am i old? when did i get old? what is that magic age where you are all of a sudden old? maybe it is 28 maybe it is 37. even as i type this, i imagine some people reading and saying, "28 isn't even that old!" while others will say, "i can't believe you are already 28!" no matter how you look at it, however, i am 28. and old or not- i still feel 20. so i think that is all that matters.
anywho, my birthday came and went and i spent it with those i love most. cade, violet, ivy and i went out for a thai dinner and froyo dessert date together before coming home to watch a movie. a perfect outing finished off with a perfect night in.

so, here is my reflection on life as i turn 28. even though i am getting older, things are always getting better. i never imagined i would be where i am right now but now i cannot imagine it any different- or any greater. i hate to rub it in all your faces- but i am really loving life. we can always make a long list of things we think we need or things that we think would make life better- but in the end, i hate to think that i am not loving the things i have now the best i can. so right now, i am loving all that i have. it is fabulous.

and look, i am never too old to catch a few snowflakes on my tongue. especially when it is my birthday.

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